Devid Dega lands on Tracer Records with a new EP titled ‘Medusa’.

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Review: With the EP titled ‘Medusa’, Devid Dega puts out two melodramatic techno originals ready to bust up the dancefloor. The first track ‘Medusa’ starts with powerful kicks, followed up by solid and energetic rhythm founded on synths and rawish melodies. Next is ‘Whispers From The Past’, an even more aggressive tune, that comes by as an hypnotic journey with a 303 bass arp in a progressive path of trancy dark sounds. Great release! 

Italian Techno talent Devid Dega makes his debut on Tracer Records with a new EP titled ‘Medusa’. The EP features two techno originals, Including a Remix by label boss Ronald van Norden.
‘medusa’ has an energetic rhythm with on top a brutal synth like the venom of a poisonous snake, resulting in a vigorous progression. It seems there is no antidote for this bite, so make sure you don’t get bitten. If you do get bitten, Ronald van Norden’s Remix might be a last resort.
What does the future hold and what does the past contribute to this? Maybe ‘Whispers From The Past’ is your crystal ball to find out. Be ready for this hypnotic journey with a 303 bass arp as your compass and a firm progressive melody to lead you for setting up the path that lies ahead.
Tracer Records will release ‘Medusa’ on October 30, 2020. Stay tuned.
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Cover Artwork.
Artist. Devid Dega
Title. Medusa
Release date: October 30, 2020
Label: Tracer Records
Cat#. TRACDIG157
Format. Digital
1. Devid Dega – Medusa (Original Mix)
2. Devid Dega – Medusa (Ronald van Norden Remix)
3. Devid Dega – Whispers From the Past (Original Mix)

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