Anechoic unveils a very interesting 5-track EP titled ‘Multilinear Subspace Learning’.

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Review: With ‘Multilinear Subspace Learning’, Anechoic puts out a very interesting 5-track bundle. We listened to all the tracks and we really enjoyed and liked the music, very deep and sophisticated techno with some pleasant sci fi grooves. Nice EP! 

Mental, trippy, textural, spacious, drony, melancholic, and Sci Fi-inspired are just some of the ways the Moroccan-born and France-based artist Anechoic develop his sound. As a Hybrid Live Act, he has performed at some interesting locations with curated line-ups in France, and has also made some appearances across Europe
Anechoic has signed several releases on international labels like: Konsequent Records, Faut Section, Credo Records, Subsist Records to name few. 2020 has seen Anechoic reinvent himself once again through new performances allowing him to explore different universes and facets of the techno music. He has made his last appearance with one of the most appreciated festivals in France, Chateau Perché at Border City in Paris.
Now, Anechoic is about to release his new material, a 5 track EP titled \’Multilinear Subspace Learning\’. The artists describes his upcoming release as \’crystal clear techno with a slightly experimental approach\’, and it is. 
CREDO will release \’Multilinear Subspace Learning\’ on October 23rd, 2020.
Cover Artwork.


Artist: Anechoic
Title. Multilinear Subspace Learning
Release date: October 23rd, 2020
Label. CREDO
Cat.No.: CREDO72
Format. Digital
Distributor Digital: Bandcamp, Itunes, Beatport, Juno etc.
Genre: Techno
Web Domain (Label):
1. Celestial Mechanics
2. Elliptic Coordinates
3. Gaussian Elimination
4. Laws Of Planetary Motion
5. Multilinear Subspace Learning



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