Berlin based producer Manrish puts out a solid self-released EP titled ‘Textures’.

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Review: With ‘Textures’ EP, Manrish delivers 3 techno originals oriented to smash the dance floor. First track ‘Textures’ showcases the fundamental rawish and industrial sound that will remain in the whole EP. Next is ‘Slave City’, faster and with dramatic textures. To close the release, is ‘Alfa Centauri’, a brilliant energetic banging piece that features magnetic vocals with melancholic hypnotic backgrounds. !Brilliant EP!

Textures EP is the new release from Berlin based producer Manrish. Three cuts, Textures, Slave City and Alfa Centaury, totally oriented to smash the dance floor. A journey where the producer shows his particular vision of techno.

Manrish was born in 1988 in Granada, Spain. At the age of 16 he started to get interested in the electronic music. Two years later he began his career as DJ in his hometown, where he played in some of the best clubs, like Industrial Copera or Granero Club. Before moving to Berlin at the age of 26, he started with the learning process of electronic music production. Strongly influenced by the techno sound and fascinated by the infinite melodic possibilities found in the synthesizers, he has perfected his sound over time, with releases on some labels such as 808 Recordings, 2RB Records, Industrial Techno United or Insane Industry.
Manrish will self-release \’Textures\’ on November 3rd, 2020


Cover Artwork.
Artist: Manrish
Title: Textures


Label: Self-Released


Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: November 3rd, 2020
Cat. No. N/A
Distribution: Bandcamp
01. Textures
02. Slave City
03. Alfa Centauri

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