Eva Swan talks serious dark and menacing techno on her new EP titled ‘I Control My Mind’.



Review: Eva Swan’s ‘I Control My Mind’ EP is filled with the finests brutal kicks, intense grooves, and cooked with a heavy barrage of mind hypnotic and industrial sounds. This EP is a sonic odyssey of mind blowing percussions and atmospheric textures proper for a rave. Brilliant


Eva Swan returns with another solid self-released EP of her signature dark and menacing techno, custom built for cavernous rooms and ravenous crowds, titled ‘I Control My Mind’. 




Following her 2019 debut ‘Equality’, and sophomore ‘Let Me Hold You’ EP, Eva Swan announces her third release. Having picked up previous support from the likes of Amelie Lens, Luke Slater, and Machine Woman, the Belgian DJ & producer brings another bout of the intense and atmospheric sound she is making herself known for. 
Tracks description.




a2+b2=c2’ kicks off the release, immediately marrying screeching synths and twisted basslines, creating a monstrous, otherworldly track, while ‘I Control My Mind’ sees Eva deliver a driving, hypnotic groove geared for big rooms, her own vocals ringing throughout.




Brainwash’ is a frantic amalgamation of bubbling leads and sizzling percussion, perfectly suited for sending crowds into a frenzy. ‘Eight’ rounds off the EP, as brutal kicks pummel amongst swirling textures and Eva’s counting, undoubtedly set to be a recurring selection for many DJs. 




Eva Swan’s ‘I Control My Mind’ drops on Eva Swan Records on 16th October 2020. 
Cover Artwork.





Artist: Eva Swan
Title: I Control My Mind
Label: Eva Swan Records
Release date: 16th October 2020
Format: Digital








01 a2+b2=c2
02 I Control My Mind
03 Brainwash
04 Eight


Cover Photo: COBA Photography




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