After 24 years Progetto Tribale returns to Danza Tribale with a fabulous ‘Volume 7’ featuring Italian maestro Donato Dozzy.

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A label that is giving a lot to talk about for their extraordinary releases is Adiel\’s imprint Danza Tribale. After her dazzling collaborative ‘Raso’ EP with Anthony Linell earlier this year, Adiel now presents the next release under her attractive label, its a 4-track EP by legendary Progetto Tribale project that returns after 24 years, this time featuring Italian maestro Donato Dozzy
Progetto Tribale was born in 1992 under the mentorship of Giancarlino and executed by a team that included Pietro Micioni, Paolo Micioni, D.RaD (Stefano Facchielli) and Giancarlino himself. The project was based on a deep combination of african rhythms and soul music that have later influenced much of the music to come and was acclaimed by the press and dj\’s all over the world as a genre bender.
The track ‘Behaviour’ (contained in this EP with a modern 2020 remix) in its original version immediately reached a great success in clubs, as reported by the European House charts of the time. The project continued for two more productions with UMM, to then change label and go on with D: Vision, until 1996, year of publication of the last production, ‘Volume 6’. 
Now, 24 years later, ‘Volume 7’ was finally born under the partnership of Donato Dozzy, Pietro and Paolo Micioni and released by Danza Tribale.
Now tell me thats not an interesting history, there is more, the brilliant track you need to listen. ‘Volume 7’ features a spectacular diversity of deep sounds, tribal rhythms and mind-blowing sci-fi soundscapes. Track by Track, from \’Vu Rhythm\’ to \’Disco Strat\’ to the \’Behaviour 2020 Remix\’ to \’Variable Mu\’ this artists drives your senses with modern grooves and avant garde sounds. Review: Outstanding release.
Danza Tribale will release Progetto Tribale\’s Volume 7 on Vinyl and Digital formats on October 30th, 2020.
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Artist. Progetto Tribale
Title. Volume 7
Format: Vinyl 12” / Digital
Label: Danza Tribale
Cat. No: DNZT008
Release Date: October 30th, 2020
A1 / 1. Vu Rhythm – (D. Scaramuzzi, P. Micioni, P. Micioni)
A2 / 2. Disco Strat – (D. Scaramuzzi, P. Micioni, P. Micioni)
B1 / 3. Behaviour 2020 Remix – (Donato Dozzy & Pietro Micioni remix)
B2 / 4. Variable Mu – (D. Scaramuzzi, P. Micioni, P. Micioni)

Conceived By Giancarlino
Produced and arranged By Donato Dozzy, Paolo Micioni & Pietro Micioni
Behaviour 2020 Remix produced and Remixed By Donato Dozzy & Pietro Micioni
Publishing: Big Doings Ed Musicali / Maga Circe Musica
Mixed by Donato Dozzy and mastered at Enisslab Studio Roma by Giuseppe Tiellieci.
Artwork and design by Kero
Distribution by N.E.W.S
Cat. No. DNZT008 – All rights reserved
℗ & © Danza Tribale 2020

Special Thanks to Miky Capo.
In Loving memory of D.RaD.

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