Stereo_IMG returns to North Of Nowhere with one of his most ambitious projects to date, ‘Generation of Gods EP’.

Pre order: (Only Digital Bandacamp)
Stereo_IMG returns to North Of Nowhere, a label transformed into the primary outlet for many of Montreal’s Techno producers. They have been releasing music that tend to be aimed at the dancefloor, however, the label has forayed into non-dancefloor rhythms also.

Now, the label ensure that compromise, putting out one of Stereo_IMG most ambitious projects to date, his new EP titled ‘Generation of Gods’.
Focusing mainly on ambient, UK Bass and Techno his concepts and virtuosity will always peek interest. Stereo_IMG’s craftsmanship is guaranteed to take you on a deep journey through his beautiful and intricate designs of noise.  
Presenting six tracks that oscillate between contemplative and energetic, Stereo_IMG explores the rapidly shifting definition of what it means to be human. More specifically, what it means to be human in light of humanity’s fervent march towards the manipulation of the building blocks of life.
North Of Nowhere Records will release \’Generation Of Gods\’ on September 25th, 2020. Pre order: (Only Digital Bandacamp)
Cover Artwork.


Artist: Stereo_IMG
Title: Generation Of Gods
Label: North Of Nowhere Records
Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: September 25th, 2020
Cat. No. NON011
Distribution: Label Worx
Pre order: (Only Digital Bandacamp)
Mastered by Pheek.
01. Ethical & Moral Lines
02. Biohackers
03. AGCT
05. Apotheosis
05. Genetic Error
06. Irreversable

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