Eros Miguel present new EP titled ‘Pillow Trax (Case 1)’.

If you wonder what it is to perfectionate vocals and high quality instrumental soundscapes. You need to listen to Eros Miguel, a German artist that focus music production in organic, handmade elements and a sensitive understanding of music. 
Now, he is dropping a very interesting and high quality EP titled ‘Pillow Trax (Case 1)‘ on MODEM:39, a platform that connect and encourages local artists to release electronic music on Vinyl & Digital medium. Listen to some snippets and read the full story below.

The heat is flickering over the city. The air in the room is dense and full of dreams. Your head on the pillow. Sunlight, smoke and dust are mixing in front of your eyes. Has it been a dream? Or the first clear moment for a while? What‘s left is a feeling. And the memory of one Moment for eternity.
Starring PillowTracks, Berlin music producer Eros Miguel opens a door to a room where the conscious and unconscious are merging. A place that takes you back to moments that were real – or at least could have been. The 5 Track-EP invites us to discover the feeling of summer days gentle Melancholy. And the question of whether hard times make life worth living.
The pillowtracks were created in an intense period of Eros and shows the vulnerable Face of the electro artist. In ‚Willst du mit mir schlafen‘, Feature-Artist and friend Trik17, based in Magdeburg, lyrically expresses the emotion of the music. Therein, the Rapper verbalizes his personal interpretation of pillow tracks.
The gentle but intense vibe of the EP is a creative transformation of a painful period and at the same time full of ease: Non e niente. It‘s nothing.
MODEM:39 will release \’Pillow Trax (Case 1)\’ on September 21st, 2020.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Eros Miguel
Title: Pillow Trax (Case 1)
Label: MODEM:39
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: September 21st, 2020
Cat. No. MDM39-010
Distribution: DIGDIS
01. Upright
02. Time
03. Non E Niente
04. Cool Sway
05. Willst Du Mit Mir Schlafen feat. Trik17

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