Fixon alias Vices & Violence return to Vector Functions with a high quality experimental techno EP titled ‘Goodbye Home’

Meet Vector Functions Records, a Label focused on exploring the most serious, dark and abstract aspects of techno music. The project was founded in Mexico in 2013 by Fixon & Dig-it, two artists with a long history in the techno scene. 

After 7 years of been in the business and 67 releases showcasing many young faces from the industrial scene to the worldwide. The label is ready to announce a new release, of course, focusing their efforts on putting out some serious, dark and aggressive techno music with a quality of sound like no other.
The new release is a 3-track bundle from Vices & Violence that has been titled \’Goodbye Home\’.
Vices & Violence is an alias that Fixon uses when he work in the studio based on sounds and textures much more experimental than what we are used to hearing in other projects of him.
Now, without leaving aside the rawness, energy and distorted atmospheres that are common in the themes of Vices & Violence, this new EP is the result of creative work in the studio full of intense retrospective reflections thanks to which we can find 3 themes that navigate in currents close to genres such as techno, EBM, ambient and experimental exercises, which all are related to each other in the approach sought by the artist.
After listening to the three new tracks, we can speak that the EP has a very well elaborated structure of sound. In a few words, expect fast techno, industrial rawness and of course, high quality dark ambient sounds.
Vector Functions Records will release \’Goodbye Home\’ digitally on September 14, 2020. Pre order: BandcampBeatport
Cover Artwork.
Artist. Vices & Violence
Title. Goodbye Home
Genre. Techno
Format. Digital
Cat#. VFR067
Release date: September 14, 2020.
Label. Vector Functions Records
1. Goodbye Home
2. Feckless
3. Hold the cry

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