Tuomas Rantanen reveals his new superb techno album ‘Late Cretaceous Part 2’.

City Wall Records presents his new LP titled ‘Late Creataceous Part 2‘. The 10th and final studio album by Finnish producer Tuomas Rantanen. ́ in his “Prehistoric series”, now totalling 100 tracks all released over 7 years. Previously in the series, Early Cretaceous Part 2 (2019), Early Cretaceous Part 1 (2016), Late Jurassic (2015), Middle Jurassic (2015), Early Jurassic (2015), Late Triassic (2015), Middle Triassic (2014) and Early Triassic (2014).

Tuomas has mastered the art of creating a space where the music lover can be as content listening in their living room as they can be jacking on the dancefloor, a feat few have managed. This perfect medium is achieved because his work is both “mind music” and “body music”. (Listen below)
Tracks description.
Campanian”, obscure tonal clunks amid a steady techno groove, a shift comes in the mid-section with a low range drone motif. Roaring basslines and shimmering rides bring everything to a subtle yet deeply satisfying climax.
Quaesitosaurus”, sink into the deep, this music is meditation, this music is dance, this music is warmth, this music is life. Feel the parallels between the ancient anima- list groans and the religious chants of relative modernity.
Titanoceratops”, want something different? Look no further. Spirals of techno power resonate forth, this is serious dancefloor material, aliens from the future would groove to this with their blue tentacle hair like mini elephant trunks.
Achelousaurus”, the hectic pummelling intro carries the listener head long into a prolonged intergalactic groaning chant, then, BAMM, back to the thunder. Relentless midrange metal and stone with syncopated flint and fire just deal blow after blow.
Brachyceratops”, now an energy vortex that draws ev. re. thing. IN – the magnificently ferocious kick drum, suck out the low and leave that whip crack of a mid-kick snap, snap, snap. A thousand other things are happening but they are hard to see right now, they are very hard to see.
Styracosaurus”, the bridge is crossed, it simply doesn’t get any easier from here, in fact, it gets HARDER! If there was an award for best techno album, then this would win it, easily. And the midrange off beat bass that appears just destroys all doubt. Burning, absolutely BURNING!.
Citywall Records will release \’Late Cretaceous Part 2\’ on September 11th, 2020. Stay tuned.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Tuomas Rantanen
Title: Late Cretaceous Part 2
Label: Citywall Records
Format: Album
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: September 11th, 2020
Cat. No. CW130
Distribution: Believe
01. Campanian
02. Quaesitosaurus
03. Titanoceratops
04. Achelousaurus
05. Brachyceratops
06. Styracosaurus
07. Maastrichtian
08. Triceratops
09. Alamosaurus
10. Tyrannosaurus Rex

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