Risa Taniguchi presents new EP, ‘Psycho’.

After been following and posting about the asian scene in the underground culture of techno music, for us it’s no surprise that Japan has started to unveil some of its homegrown talent of late, and one of those to take note of, is Risa Taniguchi.

Born and raised in Tokyo, and been surrounded by the city’s electric atmosphere, Risa has a special sound and style of production. Her tracks are dark and distorted, with abrasive bass with some elements of acid. Using her own vocals on many of her tracks, she is setting the mark when it comes to erie, linear heads down techno.
Now, after previous great releases in Suara and Kneaded Pains, and lately a successful EP \’How we dance again\’ on Second State that stills spinning around, Risa makes her debut this time on Redrum Music.
Her new EP to be released in september is titled \”Psycho\”, and it is an amazing show of three original slamming techno tracks. Each track has their own thing and represents purely the Taniguchi raw style. Inside we also find an incredible Remix by UK duo KUSP, probably one of the most interesting new talents in techno music scene.
Redrum Music will release \’Psycho\’ on September 14, 2020.
Cover Artwork.


Artist. Risa Taniguchi
Remixer. KUSP(UK)
Title. Psycho
Catalog number: REDRUM080
Release date: 14.09.2020
Genre: Techno
Risa Taniguchi – Psycho (Original Mix)
Risa Taniguchi – You and I (Original Mix)
Risa Taniguchi – Psycho (KUSP Remix)
Risa Taniguchi – Under the Tree (Original Mix)
Listen to Risa Taniguchi music at her latest set for Techno Cave Podcast 044.

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