Semodi works out with Antigone and Maïlys and drop out a new EP ‘Next Summer’ via THISBE.

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Semodi finded time of inspiration and musical exploration, and the result is his new EP ‘Next Summer‘ that will go out on July 30th, 2021 via THISBE Recordings. The release features Antigone and Maïlys in collab roles, also include outstading remixes from Nico Pusch, Melokind and Theus Mago. Very recommendable release. Stay tuned, full details below.

Next Summer is a journey through the on-going lockdown and summarizes Semodi’s work in his Berlin Kreuzberg studio during the pandemic winter months of late 2021. While tiresome for everybody, for Semodi it was also a time of inspiration and musical exploration crossing the boundaries of genres. Coming back from his walks through the streets of Kreuzberg, he often brought home a new melody that he could then craft into his music.

Ultimately Semodi came up with three distinct tracks and presents us with a touching and emotional record that reflects his perception and experiences during the lockdown. He thus opens up a musical perspective to this special time, that we can all relate to. While “Into Deep” is an older and more techno composition that found its way onto the record, Semodi started to work with singers to implement an element of storytelling into his more recent works.

For the title track “Next Summer” Semodi teamed up with his partner Maïlys who tells her story of the lockdown in Berlin with nothing to do outside and her desire to go out and do things again. Her spoken-word performance is embedded in a dry beat accompanied by a simple but melodic bass line. And as Maïlys expresses her hope for the time after the lockdown and her desire to dance again next summer, the music opens up and illustrates her hope with melodic arpeggios.

“Oh Boy” is a deep and driven piece of music that guides the listener into a dreamy and psychedelic parallel universe. Guest artist Antigone adds a mesmerizing dimension to the track and completes the picture with her outstanding vocal performance.

With Melokind, Nico Pusch and Theus Mago three skilled remixers contribute their personal interpretations of Semodi’s tracks to the record and thus broaden the multitude of genres to choose from.

While Melokind delivers a deep, melodic version of “Oh Boy” that radiates the positive warmth of a festival afternoon, Nico Pusch contributes an up-tempo tech house version of the same track that will work nicely on peak time main floors. Theus Mago presents us with his never-ending-lockdown psychedelic remix of “Next Summer”.

Label: THISBE Recordings
Artist: Semodi
Remixers: Nico Pusch, Melokind, Theus Mago
Title: Next Summer
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: July 30th, 2021
Cat. No. THISBE003
Distribution: Ditto Music


  1. Oh Boy (feat. Antigone) (Original Mix)
  2. Next Summer (feat. Maïlys) (Original Mix)
  3. Into Deep (Original Mix)
  4. Oh Boy (feat. Antigone) (Melokind Remix)
  5. Oh Boy (feat. Antigone) (Nico Pusch Remix)
  6. Next Summer (feat. Maïlys) (Theus Mago Remix)
  7. Oh Boy (feat. Antigone) (Radio Edit)

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