Alex Dolby release new EP titled ‘Dog Eat Dog’ on his brand new label Sequenzial Shift.

Let’s meet Sequenzial Shift, a new label project from Alex Dolby, a veteran artist of the scene and highly prized producer known for releasing on Emmanuel’s ARTS, Developer’s Modularz and DJ Emerson’s Micro.fon.

Not only does he run the exquisite Affekt Recordings that has featured artists such as Pär Grindvik, Alex Bau, Mental Resonance, Evod and VSK, but he also owns the Affekt Club located in Frosinone, central Italy.
After celebrating Affekt’s seventh anniversary recently, he is once again ready to step out with Sequenzial Shift that will focus on deeper and more experimental cuts.
Expect to hear wholehearted, analogue beats with a groovy, abstract feel, plenty of sonic manipulation and a dash of ambient influence.
First release on the new label is from Alex Dolby, it is a 5-track outstanding EP titled \’Dog Eat Dog\’. The release has everything the label is pointing on, it\’s a new era of sounds. 
Sequenzial Shift will release \’Dog Eat Dog EP\’ in vinyl and digital format on Friday, July 27,  2020. Buy it: Beatport 
Cover Artwork.

Label: Sequenzial Shift
Artist: Alex Dolby
Title: Dog Eat Dog EP
Release Date: Friday 27 July 2020
Format: 10\” Vinyl & Digital
CAT#: SQZ001
01. Banging Speech [Vinyl]
02. White River [Vinyl]
03. Jungle Prisoners
04. Murder On The Beach
05. Ambient Speech

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