Roi presents his new EP, ‘Crunia’ (Incl. remixes from Carl Finlow & The Exaltics).

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Fanzine Records announced an upcoming release by Roi is coming out this august 2021. The new material is a very recommendable 4-track EP that has been entitled ‘Crunia‘ and features two original mixes, also includes remixes from renowned British producer Carl Finlow, and equally prolific German artist The Exaltics. Stay tuned and check out the full details below.

Carl Finlow

The transition from rural to urban, from the coast of Dexo to the city of La Coruña, is the central thread of the Crunia EP. Roi’s music is inextricably linked to the geography of his home province of A Coruña, and to his love for both the urban and rural environments of this isolated region by the Atlantic.

Having taken the leap from city life to a more peaceful existence by the coast some years ago, Roi chronicled his newfound freedom and isolation on the Dexo EP, released on Fanzine in 2019. Isolated from his peers, this autonomy gives him the freedom to explore new methods of expression.

The Exaltics

A continuation of the story but with a clear divide in between, on the Crunia EP he metaphorically returns to the asphalt jungle, exploring the narcotic atmospheres and extroverted nature of this environment. While Maianca represents the beginning of the transition by the ocean, Crunia (the ancient name for La Coruña), represents the metropolitan destination. Remixes from renowned British producer Carl Finlow, and equally prolific German artist The Exaltics were chosen to maintain this trajectory.

The journey is further illustrated in the artwork, a photographic collage travelling from Maianca to La Coruña, giving a concrete visual representation to this mental journey.

Release dates: vinyl via Triple Vision on August 20th/ digital on Sept 03rd, 2021.

Label: Fanzine Records
Artist: Roi
Title: Crunia
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital, Vinyl
Release Date Vinyl: August 20th, 2021
Release Date Digital: September 3rd, 2021
Cat. No. FAN013
Distribution: Triple Vision


01. Maianca
02. Maianca (Carl Finlow Remix)
03. Crunia
04. Crunia (The Exaltics Remix)

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