Premiere: Diepzeebeest – Embrace

Listen to the premiere for the track  ‘Diepzeebeest Embrace‘ which will be out with the ‘Collective Details from the Vault Vol. 1‘ on August 27th.

Collective Details is a very interesting label and collective of users who hang around the Discord Server and Twitch Stream that have in common ideologies and musical taste. Since the start, the community has been hosting production challenges, each with a different theme and open to all members of the Collective Details’ Discord server that are willing to participate.

Selecting the tracks to make it onto the EPs was never an easy task, considering the amount of talent present, so the label steadily accumulated an archive of tracks that we just can’t keep from the public. To celebrate this community and all its artists, we present a compilation of tracks that has been building since CDR’s first release.

13 different artists channeled their longings for the dancefloor and out came the collection of tracks in front of you – a mixture of straight stompers and shuffling broken beat odysseys.

Release date. August 27th, 2021
Label. Collective Details

Pre order link: Bandcamp

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