Werner Niedermeier presents his new 4-track EP on Broque, ‘Hinode’.

Based in the UK, Werner Niedermeier is a producer that needs no introduction to those familiar with the European techno and house scene. And the good news for today is that Niedermeier landed on Broque Records with a phantastic 4-track EP titled ‘Hinode‘ that is scheduled to be released on September 20th, 2021. The four new tracks of the “Hinode EP” are characterized by a Detroit-infused warmth and deepness. Stay tuned and read the full story below.

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With Werner Niedermeier’s last EP for Broque (“Sub Culture”) being almost ten years old by now, we are even more pleased that he found the time to set a new marker at Broque, in between his producer activities and own releases on labels like Audiomatique or Bulletdodge.

Inspired by a great affinity for Japan and pandemic-induced wanderlust, the four new tracks of the “Hinode EP” are characterized by a Detroit-infused warmth and deepness. Though with one exception only, they always make a u-turn right before passing the threshold to the dancefloor. Instead of taking the front door into 4/4-euphoria, the tracks very subtly spread hints about their rooting in functional club music. While the acid line and claps of “Out Of The Woods” are the exception of the rule, marching and moving in a more straight-forward manner, “Y Not”, “Sampled Sun” and the title track “Hinode” remind of the productions of Lee Norris aka Norken or Galcher Lustwerks Road Hog project. Marked by a very playful yet atmospheric vibe the “Hinode EP” is well informed by an early Detroit’s rave-romanticism that never has to push open the door to the dancefloor in order to embrace us.

Werner Niedermeier
Hinode Cover Artwork

Label: Broque
Artist: Werner Niedermeier
Title: Hinode EP
Format: EP
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: September 20th, 2021 / all online platforms
Cat. No. brq138
Distribution: a.o. Beatport, iTunes
Domain: https://www.broque.de/


  1. Sampled Sun
  2. Out Of The Woods
  3. Y Not
  4. Hinode

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