Giri land on Axis with a 19-track album ‘Antichthon’.

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In the top of good recommendations, here is the announcement of Giri, known also as Gi Napoletano upcoming album ‘Antichthon‘ that lands on Jeff Mills label Axis (The Escape Velocity) next month, on July 2nd, 2021 to be exact. The new release features nineteen outstanding original tracks showcasing a very creative, spatial and intense Naples techno. Stay tuned, full details below. 

In the 22nd century, at the edge of the end of the world, humanity discovers a new planet in the Solar System; in fact, thanks to the Event Detector telescope and to its warp-wiev technology, men are capable to notice an aqueous sphere identical to the Earth behind the Sun, in orbit and position perfectly specular to the blue planet.
The aerospace vanguards establish the mission Discovery Behind the Sun in which a scientists and an explorers team travel on board of Cyrillia, the ship armed with the Undo technology, the ultimate astronauts‘ hope against Universe‘s dangers. Between cosmic snares and space storms the crew travel towards what looks like a new home for men: Antichthon.
Route is often interrupted and system failures aren‘t long in coming but exactly in the middle of their journey there is the encounter destined to change their reality: in the opposite direction a twin ship is transporting a team which is identical to the Cyrillia‘s one, these are the men of Antichthon traveling towards what seems to be their future home: Earth.

Cover Artwork.

Label: AXIS- The Escape Velocity
Artist: Giri
Title: Antichthon
Format: Album
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date: July 2nd, 2021
Cat. No. ASD034
Distribution: AXIS Shop
1. Enter Hypersleep
2. Specular Signal Return
3. Automation Not Allowed
4. Route Correction
5. Forced Awakenings
6. Antares Passage
7. Hole Mirror Effect
8. Discovery Behind The Sun
9. Bridge Maneuver
10. The Undo Machine
11. Secret Data Filter
12. Cyrillia
13. Catalyst Chamber
14. Mutagene
15. Vacuum Encrease
16. Genetically Unrecognized
17. Sample Collect
18. Event Detector
19. Takeshi’s Dream

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