DJ Saint Pierre returns to Illegal Alien to release a massive 6-track EP titled ‘Sagittarius A’.

Let’s see what’s next on Illegal Alien Records, a Mexican record label of Electronic music focus on Techno, Electronica, Experimental and Ambient. The label was founded in 2007, in Florida, USA, by the Mexican producer Ricardo Garduno. Currently Dig-it, DJ Saint Pierre, Fixeer, Fixon, Mari Mattham and Unkle Fon have joined the project.

Now, DJ Saint Pierre is finally back on the label on physical series, after his latest Vinyl release titled ‘Racine’ a year ago, So, DJ Saint Pierre is returning Illegal Alien, and this time he present to us his brand new EP titled ‘Sagittarius A‘, a six track EP that will be release on a special Cassette Edition and digital format.
This is simply another massive work from the French Producer, as usual great music coming out from the powerful mind of this fantastic artist.
Illegal Alien Records will release \’Sagittarius A EP\’ on Cassette / Digital WAV/MP3/AIFF formats on July 27th of 2020. Stay tuned and scroll down for full details.
Cover Artwork.
Label: Illegal Alien Records
Artist(s): DJ Saint Pierre
Remixer(s): N/A
Album/Single: Sagittarius A
Genre: Techno
Format: Cassette / Digital WAV/MP3/AIFF
Catalogue Number: IARLTDCST002
Release Date: July 27th of 2020
A1. DJ Saint Pierre – Centaurus A
A2. DJ Saint Pierre – Sagittarius A
A3. DJ Saint Pierre – Cygnus A
B1. DJ Saint Pierre – TON 618
B2. DJ Saint Pierre – Holmberg 15 A
B3. DJ Saint Pierre – M87

Written & Produced by DJ Saint Pierre Mastered by Dig-it at DOT Studio, Mexico City Limited Copies Illegal Alien Records 2020 | Published by Copyright Control

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