Datafive Biography

Datafive, Berlin-based music producer and co-owner of the Lab Music label, is constantly searching for new possibilities to expand his sound. He started exploring music production in the mid 2010 as IDM, Drum and Bass and Uk Bass maniac, releasing his debut Ep “The Journey”. After that, he started to work as a music composer for the entertainment industry where he got in touch with a variety of genres widening up his music approach. He started to incorporate these new elements in his artistic output, shifting from abstract structures to new solid, poplike composition, grounded to his sound palette though. He defines his style very eclectic, a vision of electronic music that takes root from Dub Techno, IDM, UkStep, Glitch, Sound Design, Trap, Ambient, Cinematic, Deconstructed Pop. Everything is manipulated to create a unique sonic exploration, combining oldfashioned 90s electronic with contemporary trends. Chopped vocals, wild sampling, vibrant basses, sharp beats, his music is deep and mysterious, very self-reflective yet powerful, focused on rhythms and also aesthetic, with accurate sound design, deeply rooted in his knowledge of music history.

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