Datafive & Slak – Patience

Heads up music lovers, In this new chapter of Lab, the two minds behind Lab Music collaborate on a record that represents the two souls of the label. The break-techno-ish dance-oriented Slak vision, and Datafive introspective sonic adventures. The ep has two tracks from each producer and one collaboration by them.

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A1 / 1. Slak – Pressure
A2 / 2. Slak – Under Control
B1 / 3. Datafive – Outsiders
B2 / 4. Datafive – The Hive
B3 / 5. Datafive feat. Slak – Patience

Title. Patience
CAT#. LAB003
Format. Vinyl / Digital
Label. Lab Music
Released. March 1st, 2023

On one side, we can see the evolution of the Slak sound where he evolves from a dubby and lightful identity from the first ep to a new darker and solid sound. Pressure and Under Control, two dark and groovy UK break-techno missiles. Dark atmosphere and powerful drums ready for the dancefloor.

Flipping the record, we find two eclectic tracks by Datafive. Plenty of influences here: electronic, glitch, IDM, hip-hop, dubstep, to name a few. The first track of the side is Outsiders, a journey into the artist’s feelings. Mysterious pads, mid-tempo syncopated drums, warm basses, dreamy chopped vocals, and more. The Hive instead explores the territories of the classic UK-step heritage. Vibrant sub-bass, ethereal textures, and solid stepper beats.

The last track is Patience, a collaboration between Datafive and Slak. Meditative, yet powerful cyber trip-hop. We have dark-dub pads and stabs with sharp broken beats which portray a desolating landscape of a lost future.

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