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Boom Festival 2023

July 20 July 27 Portugal

Following the Anthropocene theme in 2020/22, Boom continue to reflect on the human condition for the 2023 edition.

Worldwide there is a clear trend in today’s society: polarisation — the ‘us Vs them’ dynamics.

“We have to enter into a positive interaction that unites differences and finds similarities. Based on empathy, compassion, solidarity, we need a culture based on the capacity of alterity — in two words: Radical Love.”

Tickets info:

Everything you need to know about tickets to Boom Festival 2023

Question everything. This is one of the fundamental components of the Boom ethos and why it continues to be an independent event free from sponsorship and commercial promotion. 

We have created our own micro-economy to weather the storm of an unpredictable climate. No financial sharks, no government loans, no commercial bail-outs: we want to remain free from that world and so far, our strategy has worked.

However, like all culture organisations in countries with little support for this sector, such as Portugal, the COVID-19 pandemic created a situation of danger of existence for us. It was thanks to your support via tickets that we could manage resources to survive.

So how do we do it? It’s a good question. So in a world of fractured communication, disinformation and distrust — here we explain the detail and ethical considerations that drive our ticket pricing ideas.

Your endless love and understanding about the ticket issues is an extra motivation to carry on. 


The ticket pricing has been designed to allow the festival to continually evolve. While ethical considerations of the global economy determine the decisions we make, we also need to take account of festival production costs, our need to keep delivering you a unique experience hence the increase on the ticket price in 2023 compared with 2022. 

Current rising costs in Portugal, worldwide and on the festival culture scene have had to be accounted for when we work out how to price the tickets in 2023. Artists, technologies and suppliers are just some components of a fully fledged production facility like Boom.

Boom is not a headliner-centered festival – it is paramount for us to provide Boomers with the most diverse and innovative program all the while securing maximum comfort and proper infrastructures. 

Countries with stronger economies and higher output of resources are allocated regular price. This enables more fragile countries to be given discounted  ‘friendly price’ tickets. We are sure Boomers from countries with better economies can resonate with this concept.

On the other hand, we design our strategy so as to allow up to 500 people from a ‘guest country’ to join us at Boom for free. 

On a separate note, growth is not an indicator of success for us. It means tickets for our 2023 edition will again be limited. This will provide an infrastructure that can cater for every single person within a safe and comfortable environment while maintaining a balance between human presence and the local environment.

Boom Festival production is long term endeavour that requires a group of dedicated people to work the year round. Therefore, our pricing takes into account all the running costs for the gap year in between each Boom – monthly wages for staff, taxes, rents, energy, water, and other expenses that come with running our organisations. This covers Boomland’s maintenance costs and the taxes we must pay and on which you can know more about below.

For instance, if we were to calculate a daily estimate of the 2023 ticket price, the average price per day for Friendly Price ticket holders is €25 and Regular Price at an average of €34.37 per Boom-day.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting Boom Festival. It is due to your ticket funds that we are able to make this dream come true, cooperate with everyone while remaining independent and free from commercial sponsorship.

Ambassador tickets become available on 24 October 2022.

Online tickets become available on 31 October 2022 at 09:00 Portuguese Continental time.

Note: Ticket sales are subject to an extra fee for ticketing payment charges of the operator.

Detailed info about tickets here: https://boomfestival.org/boom2023/tickets/ticket-resale/

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