Slak Biography

Slak, Berlin-based Italian producer and DJ started Lab Music back in 2019 with coowner Datafive. Both artists united though a mutual love of IDM, Drum & Bass, Techno and Breaks. Slak’s first solo EP ‘Desire’ was released in 2020 on his own imprint. Then came the release, ‘Triilogy of reasons’ on Savy Records. His production style can be described as atmospheric and punchy, driven by rhythmical 909 hi-hats, bleep, broken beats mixed with classic influenced techno. Known for his relentless research for new music, he’s been a collector of various genres of dance music including Techno, IDM, DnB, UK Bass, Electro etc. Slak’s DJ sets are one seamless journey, powerful and full of energy. He has been performing at various clubs throughout the city such as About Blank, Funkhaus, Else, Renate & Anomalie, also playing b2b with the likes of Matrixxmann and Stephanie Sykes, which you will see a future Collaboration with. Next up on Lab Music, the label bosses have prepared a split EP, showing the two souls of the label. Slak’s groovy, dark, breaks inspired techno and Datafive’ s eclectic electronic exploration. The two visions merge in the last track, where they collaborate to a dark minimalistic downtempo journey.


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