Inigo Kennedy released his new 10-track sophisticated LP, ‘Eyes Closed in the Sun’.

Definitely one of the most awaited albums of 2021 is out. Inigo Kennedy released his album ‘Eyes Closed in the Sun’ on his Asymmetric imprint this Friday, September 3rd. He described his new 10-track LP as “some of the most rounded music he has released to boot.” The album showcases a body of work that is thoroughly diverse, though every production is drenched in the unmistakable Inigo Kennedy aesthetic. The full album is available now in digital formats worldwide, and of course, we highly recommend it. Read the full story below.

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Highly respected, producer, DJ and label founder Inigo Kennedy reveals his astounding new album ‘Eyes Closed in The Sun’ on his lauded Asymmetric Records imprint today (September 3rd 2021). The full album is available now in digital format worldwide.

The incandescent body of work is the result of twelve month’s unanticipated studio time for Kennedy in which a vast catalogue of new, personal music was created. Having had unprecedented time to completely immerse himself in his artistic process, and with a fully-fledged long-player as the end result, Kennedy’s renewed Asymmetric energy felt ripe to share with the world.

Inigo tells us “I had time to reflect a lot in the past year and especially as I revisited the diverse back catalogue of Asymmetric for Bandcamp. Perhaps ‘When Destiny Hides’ [asymp3005] never rang truer. I came out of it determined to relaunch this much loved and distinctive label and capture that enduring and emotive sound again. Asymmetric has always been an outlet for my most personal music and to me, there is no better agenda for this year’s relaunch and developing those strong foundations. ‘Eyes Closed in The Sun’ clearly blends my influences and inspirations and feels like some of the most rounded music I’ve released to boot.”

‘Eyes Closed in The Sun’ showcases a body of work that is thoroughly diverse, though every production is drenched in the unmistakable Inigo Kennedy aesthetic. The album opens with ‘Rays For Days’, a deep, melodic number instantly immersing the listener in what the journey ahead will bring. ‘Glitter’ follows, offbeat kick drums merging into a magical soundscape, lucid hypnotism the final result. ‘Narthex’ displays a tougher sound from Kennedy, crackling white noise and heavy basslines merging in pure harmony. ‘Penge’ is a true demonstration of Kennedy’s ability to push genre boundaries, delivering drum and bass rhythms swarmed in delirious cadence while ‘Memory Trail’ is smothered in Kennedy’s beloved, synth-pop influence. From haunting to peaceful, intense to mesmerising, this sublime offering from Kennedy continues to cement his artistry and status within the world of timeless electronic music. A heavy hitter for his recently reborn Asymmetric label, ‘Eyes Closed in The Sun’ will once again invigorate Kennedy’s global diaspora of fans.

Eyes Closed in The Sun Cover Artwork

Artist. Inigo Kennedy
Title. Eyes Closed in The Sun
Label. Asymmetric Records
Release date. September 3, 2021
Format. Digital


1. Rays For Days
2. Glitter
3. Narthex
4. Drop Form
5. Penge
6. Altitude
7. Disintegrate
8. Memory Trail
9. Eyes Closed In The Sun
10. Scintilla

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