Join Balfa\'s sonic journey in his new compilation of fragments recorded during IN_FR concerts and live sessions.

Lets meet Fallen Metropolis, something that started as an experimental music project by Copenhagen native, Christian Rütz, in 2016. Almost four years and five albums later it has evolved into an artist collective and record label, focusing on abstract art and experimental music.

For their next release, the danish label announced that the Spanish artist Balfa returns with a live album \’Fragmentos (A journey through IN_FR live)\’ after almost 10 months since the self-release of his debut album Perfecta Analogía de la Decadencia. 

Something you must know about the LP, is that BLF Lab collaborated with Fallen Metropolis, so this release contains a collection of live soundscapes from his IN_FR project, a concert series exploring the aesthetics and behavior of sound through handmade synthesizers. Fifteen tracks reaching the boundaries of these machines lead on a sonic journey into ‘organic electronics’ with visceral noises and textures that feel restless and unpredictable.

The music is taken from the performances and sessions made during 2019 and 2020 until the start of the pandemic. Recorded in multiple places where Balfa improvised synthesizing the sound only with his own crafted instruments, and edited down from a huge archive of recordings, putting together the most interesting excerpts.

The album is released in a limited cassette edition with unique handmade artwork on each copy.

Release Date: July 7th, 2020

Cover Artwork.

Label: BLF Lab / Fallen Metropolis
Artist: Balfa
Title: Fragmentos (A journey through IN_FR live)
Format: Digital & Ltd Edition Cassettes
Release Date: July 7th, 2020
Cat. No. FAM028
Distribution: Bandcamp


01. Fragmento #25
02. Fragmento #24
03. Fragmento #33 T2
04. Fragmento #33 T1
05. Fragmento #36 + #37
06. Fragmento #27
07. Fragmento #30
08. Fragmento #12
09. Fragmento #11
10. Fragmento #17 + #18
11. Fragmento #31 v7
12. Fragmento #31 v3
13. Fragmento #19
14. Fragmento #9
15. Fragmento #34


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