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SveTec and Nils with their current alias as Steam Shape have already signed several releases in big labels like Markantonio’s Analytictrail, Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq, Codex, OFF Recordings to name a few. Besides the releases and the strong roots in their home-scene, they have started to discover and tour Europe’s finest clubs and festivals.


Download EP: Soon Digitally/Vinyl at Bandcamp

In a new installment of Blueprint Records, label head James Ruskins (one of our favorite producers) continues surprising us, this time in collaboration with a techno legend like Truncate, both heavy weights have prepared a three-track EP entitled \’Sketch\’. The new techno bundle brings out 3 new original filled with the finest sounds of pure and mad techno. This is the first time that the two producers have worked on tracks together. Release date: 30 April (digitally). Vinyl will follow at a later date. Full details below.


Buy (vinyl): Discogs
It\’s a fact that disco music has evolved and definitely is getting back on their track, specially with outstanding releases like the one we are going to talk about below.

Meet the outrigious Italo Brutalo, an Italo, Disco & Cosmic music producer with countless releases and remixes all over the planet. If you like endless disco beats surrounded with intense atmospheres of sound, this guy always keeps the old school synthesizer disco on the loop creating a tastefully unique music vibe.

We are here to review his latest EP titled \’Knight Fever\’, his second release on Bungalo Disco. This four songs record are a mixture between childhood dreams driving K.i.t.t. and a time travel from the 80s to the 20s and back – each track in its very own way.

Tracks description. 

\’Taniacid\’ is a Neo Italo track with some spices of acid that will make you feel like driving in „Super Pursuit Mode“.

\’Trust doesn’t rust\’ is more or likely an Italo Disco song, hard to say when it has been created. Not even Italo Brutalo himself knows it.
\’Knightmares\’ – the name says it all. The psychedelic track contains just two elements. Less is more. An absolutely secret weapon on the dancefloor.
\’Not a drop to drink\’ has originally been written on a very hot summer day in the mountains of Ibiza, what you might not expect due to its dark atmosphere with elements of old school electro music.
Bungalo Disco will release \’Knight Fever\’ digitally on September 9th, 2020. Vinyl already released on June 25th, 2020.
Cover Artwork.

Artist: Italo Brutalo
Title: Knight Fever
Label: Bungalo Disco
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: September 9th, 2020
Release Date Vinyl: June 25th, 2020
Cat. No. BD002
Distribution: DBH
Italo Brutalo – Taniacid
Italo Brutalo – Trust Doesn\’t Rust
Italo Brutalo – Knightmares
Italo Brutalo – Not A Drop To Drink

Last month we were talking about Joaquin Ruiz and his release \’Phase EP\’ on Signal Rec that really impressed. And now, he returns to Norway’s PLOINK label with his debut album titled ‘Voices Of Space’, featuring ten ethereal tracks. 
Buenos Aires-based producer has continually challenged the senses with twisted releases on labels like Blackrod, Affekt and Hardtools, which have garnered support from Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Sims, and Dax J. He now returns to Thomas Urv and Miss Mostly’s Bergen-based techno label for his most impressive body of work yet. 
Voices Of Space’ opens with an enticing stereo landscape, lush with bubbling samples and subtle percussion, ‘Hypnotic Alert’ moves by upping the energy with tight kicks and eerie synths when ‘Mantrack’ then finalises the A-side with soft keys and distant melodic flurries. On the flip, ‘Nuclear Substance’ kick starts with propulsive drums and chiming tubular-like sounds until ‘Altered System’ adds in cantering sub-frequencies and rapid snares, providing a cavernous feel to the mix. 
Next, ‘Genesick’ gives a sense of spatial progression with fleeting plucks and white noise before ‘Reset’ initiates a more club-focused shift with acid stabs, field recordings and splashing cymbals. ‘Satellite’ readjusts the aural journey with casting pads and computerised bleeps that lead to the harrowing rhythms and celestial chords of ‘Challenged’, ahead of ‘Times’ that beautifully concludes the album with sharp risers, zappy effects and low-swung beats. 
PLOINK will release ‘Voices Of Space’ LP in Digital & Vinyl formats on 28th August 2020.
Cover Artwork.

Artist: Joaquin Ruiz
Title: Voices Of Space LP
Release date: 28th August 2020
Cat No: PL027NK
Format: Vinyl & Digital
A1 – Voices Of Space
A2 – Hypnotic Alert
A3 – Mantrack
B1 – Nuclear Substance
B2 – Altered System
C1 – Genesick
C2 – Reset
C3 – Satellite
D1 – Challenged
D2 – Times

Listen to Joaquin Ruiz music in his set recently recorded for SRIE Podcast. 

Brooklyn/Queens, New York Record label founded and run by artists P.leone & Caiazzo, E-Missions is ready for another avant-garde techno submission. 
This time, the Brooklyn based Sentient State debuts on P. Leone\’s label with new EP titled \’Welcome To The Sentient State\’, while fine Irish talent Cromby comes correct with a standout remix. As Sentient State, Aaron Seth Vaslow is an avant-garde artist who seamlessly fuses acid, electro, techno and breakbeat into slick and futuristic soundscapes that work both mind and body. He also already released on Source Material and, along with remixer Cromby, appeared on the latest Nerang Recordings VA, which landed late July.

This is an absorbing EP right from the off. \’A System of Cells\’ is a crisp, high speed electro track with snapping hits and far-sighted chords racing through the cosmos. \’Fear Is The Mind Killer\’ is just as kinetic, with a mix of rugged drum programming and warm bass, heavenly pads and urgent snares all making for a new sound that is part techno, part electro. 
Remixer Cromby held a six year residency at the legendary Shine in Belfast, has released on Sulta Selects Silver Service, Feel My Bicep and Unknown To The Unknown and is a DJ who tours the world. His version of \’Fear Is The Mind Killer\’ a dreamy ambient track that eventually takes off on dark and tightly woven drums and bass. It\’s eerie yet beautiful and hugely powerful space techno. 
Last of all, \’Sentient State\’ is icy cold, with a metallic mix of drums and hits powering you along while majestic and frosted keys ring out into the vast open spaces above. Soothing and emotive yet also hugely dynamic, it\’s a tasteful electro track of the highest order. 
E-Missions will release ‘Welcome To The Sentient State’ on 11th September 2020. Soon in Bandcamp
Cover Artwork. 

Artist: Sentient State
Title: Welcome To The Sentient State
(incl. Cromby Remix)
Label: E-Missions
Release date: 11th September 2020
Cat No: EMS013
Format: Digital
1. Welcome To The Sentient State
2. Fear Is The Mind Killer
3. System Of Cells
4. Fear Is The Mind Killer (Cromby Remix)

After been following and posting about the asian scene in the underground culture of techno music, for us it’s no surprise that Japan has started to unveil some of its homegrown talent of late, and one of those to take note of, is Risa Taniguchi. 
Born and raised in Tokyo, and been surrounded by the city’s electric atmosphere, Risa has a special sound and style of production. Her tracks are dark and distorted, with abrasive bass with some elements of acid. Using her own vocals on many of her tracks, she is setting the mark when it comes to erie, linear heads down techno.
Now, after previous great releases in Suara and Kneaded Pains, and lately a successful EP \’How we dance again\’ on Second State that stills spinning around, Risa makes her debut this time on Redrum Music. 
Her new EP to be released in september is titled \”Psycho\”, and it is an amazing show of three original slamming techno tracks. Each track has their own thing and represents purely the Taniguchi raw style. Inside we also find an incredible Remix by UK duo KUSP, probably one of the most interesting new talents in techno music scene.
Redrum Music will release \’Psycho\’ on September 14, 2020. 
Cover Artwork.

Artist. Risa Taniguchi
Remixer. KUSP(UK)
Title. Psycho
Catalog number: REDRUM080
Release date: 14.09.2020
Genre: Techno
Risa Taniguchi – Psycho (Original Mix)
Risa Taniguchi – You and I (Original Mix)
Risa Taniguchi – Psycho (KUSP Remix)
Risa Taniguchi – Under the Tree (Original Mix)

Listen to Risa Taniguchi music at her latest set for Techno Cave Podcast 044.

Here is another great compilation that comes out filled with very interesting and novel techno sounds. The release titled \’Morning Rituals Vol. 1\’ is served up by Pan-European techno label aurora., founded by a group of artists in Europe in the beginning of 2020, as sign of a love for a genre that represents, from its beginning a ritualistic form of body music. 

For them, techno music it became a cult and an ideal built from liberation and unification between people around the globe. A strong message of resistance and resilience that during the time, found new forms and new contamination, keeping an identity but evolving because of different roots of different landscapes, mentality, points of view. 

This futuristic genre of music brings the listener in a parallel dimension, where the repetition shows the essence of the hypnosis.

That\’s Aurora\’s label vision, that now is proud to serve up the first in a series of contemplative compilations entitled Morning Rituals Vol. 1. Featuring exciting and avant garde artists like Core, Suario, Daniel Calvi, Fleur and more across 11 superb tracks, it is music to be heard during the calm of the early morning, or during moments of deep thought and solitude.

This collection follows on from a debut compilation compiled by label co-founder Mattia Prete that presented eight tracks from eight artists in eight different European countries. It has been put together with meditation and audio therapy in mind, but could also immerse you in lush sound on a huge festival sound system, or be used to layer up atmosphere by adventurous DJs who play across more than two decks.

Berlin based experimental sound researcher Bayon opens up with ‘Cosa Sei’, a scintillating ambient track with deep and moody chords as well as more bright and thin synth motifs up top. It’s melancholic and moving and is followed by Daniel Calvi, who serves up the dark, heavy, slow motion rhythms of ‘Anemos’ with its paranoid vocal whispers and eerie found sounds. Then it’s French born Berlin based Discreet Haven’s ‘Futakuchi Onna’ which ups the ante with a hypnotic techno rhythm overlaid with watery sound effects and ticking hits. Core offers the title track ‘Morning Ritual’ and takes you on a serene trip into widescreen deep techno that sooth your mind, body and soul. 

Teardown’ from Artyom Tuwalski is a busier track with modulated synths raining down the face as booming kicks and bass make for a cavernous bottom end in which to get lost.

Depot6 Records associate Apirpil Jika goes for a euphoric vibe with dreamy breakbeats and cloud-like chords that suspend you in mid air amongst echoing voices. There is a distinctly Millsian vibe to bass obsessive Bebhionn’s ‘Universal Gravitation’, with its sonar like pulses, rubbery drums and bass and uneasy sense of tension. Saurio’s ‘Amanecer’ is a drowsy offering of sleepy techno that makes your mind wander off into a dream state and Pulso’s ‘No Confidence Movement’ disappears deep down a techno wormhole where only alien life forms exist. Fleur closes things down in style with ‘Eruption,’ a detached vocal cut that drifts on sparse, broken kick drums as the heavenly voice brings real pain and emotion.

This is a tasteful collection of high class, pensive techno.

aurora. will release \’Morning Rituals Vol. 1\’ digitally on September 17th, 2020. Buy link: Bandcamp

Artists: Bayon, Daniel Dalvi, Discreet Haven, Core, Artyom Tuwalksi, Apirpil Jika, Bebhionn, Saurio, Pulso, Fleur 
Title: Morning Rituals Vol. 1
Label: aurora. 
Cat no: AT002
Release Date: September 17th, 2020
Format: Digital
Buy link: Bandcamp 


1. Bayon – Cosa Sei
2. Daniel Calvi – Anemos PT.2 
3. Discreet Haven – Futakuchi Onna
4. Core – Morning Rituals 2 
5. Artyom Tuwalski – Teardown
6. Apirpil Jika – Midi
7. Bebhionn – Universal Gravitation
8. Saurio – Amenecer
9. Pulso – No Confidence Movement
10. Fleur – Eruption

Buy Link (vinyl): Decks
nullStraight from Seoul, Marcus L is a key proponent of the Korean scene, pushing forward the local sound and embodying the culture that comes along with it. 

He is also the resident at Faust in Seoul, and first met SPFDJ when she played the city in 2018. In the time since, the two have shared bills in both London and Mumbai, where Marcus’s distinct taste and technical dexterity became more than obvious to the Intrepid Skin founder, who dares to exclusively reveal that Marcus is “a really fun guy.”

That\’s probably why SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin imprint features him to put out an outlandish and typically heavy-hitting fourth release, fresh music heiling purely from the outrageous underground of the current South Korean electronic music scene. 

The new release has been titled ‘Kimchi Slap’ and features 3 new original tracks. The title track features Kill.gone, plus a brilliant remix by Hadone. This brilliant EP is set to be out on 18 September 2020 trough Intrepid Skin. 

Kimchi Slap’ takes inspiration from the beloved and fermented cabbage, reinterpreting this staple of Korean food culture as pure techno of the saltiest kind. So indebted to kimchi is Marcus’s vision, he even sourced a microscope in order to photograph it in scintillating close-up on the cover.

Those inspired by previous Intrepid Skin transmissions from the scene-defining trilogy of Nene H, Schacke and VTSS will find much more to love in this blistering introduction to Marcus L. Reflecting his sets, Kimchi Slap smashes ML’s love of industrial, trance and nineties techno classics into formidable rave paste.

Already a local rap legend and ‘irreplaceable character’ Kill.gone provides culinary verse and unfuckwithable attitude to the elasticated techno landscape of the title track. On ‘P For Phycho’, Marcus redeems his blatant disregard for correct spelling with a masterful slice of burst drums and quivering acid, beckoning all ravers down a rabbit hole of warehouse-friendly lunacy.

Hardcore Reality’ is just as instantaneous, a tunneling carnival ride of miltant bass and ecstatic atmosphere, while Parisian DJ and producer Hadone’s remix of the intimidating ‘Kimchi Slap’ transforms Marcus’s original dish into a dense, tense and surprisingly groovy kiss-off, positioning Kilgon as a trance-like God, ascending to head of the table on a twin wave of ecstasy and melancholy.

Intrepid Skin will release \’Kimchi Slap\’ Digitally and in Vinyl on September 18, 2020. Buy Link: Bandcamp

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Marcus L
Title. Kimchi Slap
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Label: Intrepid Skin
Cat. No: SKIN004
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Buy Link: Bandcamp


A1 / 1. Kimchi Slap (ft. Kill.gone)
A2 / 2. P for Phycho
B1 / 3. Hardcore Reality
B2 / 4. Kimchi Slap (Hadone Remix)

All tracks (w&p) by Marcus L.
Mastered by Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering.
Photography by Marcus L.
Design by Lina E. A. Jonsson.
Cat. No. SKIN004 – All rights reserved
℗ & © 2020 Intrepid Skin

Music is definitely a tool that can make big things happen, especially when it comes to humanism and bring unity between people that really need help. That\’s why Lebanon/Berlin\’s Morphine Records launched the #morphinexbeirut fundraise. Read below what this is about. 
On august 4th, at 6pm Beirut time, a series of explosions in the 12th Warehouse of the Port of Beirut climaxed into a devastating destructive wave that killed more than 220 people and injured thousands. The damage in the area surrounding the explosion is of catastrophic levels, while the whole city of Beirut reported severe damages to structures and buildings. 
The initial investigations were reporting a criminal level of negligence and corruption, in a country already economically and socially devastated by its political establishment’s looting of the state funds since decades, continued with lack of search for survivors, the looting or refusal of the international first aid and the shameless request of direct funds to the establishment. 
People are in anger in front of the carelessness, corruption, of the regime who made the country collapse, people who now need food, shelters, medicines.
After that terrible disgrace, Morphine Records, through its founder Rabih Beaini and the work of friends and relatives, is on campaign mode with different levels of engagement. 
The first one was an open call on Bandcamp Friday, and we managed to collect a good amount that has been sent to local NGO’s working on the ground, like Food Heritage Foundation, Matbakh Albalad, and the Lebanese Red Cross.

Now, the second phase are on its way, as The Bug, Donato Dozzy, Jerusalem in my Heart, Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis and more team up to release \’The Sacred Rage\’, a compilation that is already out since August 12, 2020 via Bandcamp to raise funds for the Lebanese Emergency Fund, and so avoiding the nation’s broken banking system.
\’The Sacred Rage\’, is a collection of unreleased tracks by some of the finest musicians, who wanted to contribute to the fundraise and who shared our anger and disappointment in the Lebanese authorities. It is a personal and collective gesture of resistance, by Label owner Rabih Beaini, and fellow musicians Donato Dozzy, “A” trio, Monolake, Thomas Brinkmann, Havlovi, and many others. A 12 tracks compilation that screams justice, equality, dignity, compiled in a confused and angry state of mind but made with love and loads of energy.
The entire proceeds of this compilation will be channeled to real ground work in Beirut, that will provide food, medicine, structural supplies like doors and windows, and repairing shelters that has been seriously damaged by the explosion. Please consider donating to the above-mentioned organizations. 
Morphine Records released \’The Sacred Rage\’ on August 12, 2020. Buy Link: Bandcamp

Artist. VA
Title. The Sacred Rage
Release date. August 12, 2020
Label. Morphine Records
Format. Digital

Link: Bandcamp


1. John Kameel Farah and Thomas Brinkmann – Sans Titre 
2. “A” trio – Over 
3. Monolake – Beirut 
4. Irena and Vojtech Havlovi – Radek 
5. Donato Dozzy – Onde 
6. Rabih Beaini – Ghadab 
7. Radwan Ghazi Moumneh – Qaluli (they told me) 
8. Rashad Becker – matraquage 
9. Natalie Beridze – Swinglow 
10. The Bug – Destroy me (Version) 
11. Neel – Forza 
12. Stefan Fraunberger – Reprise 


1. Music by John Kameel Farah and Thomas Brinkmann, Mastered by Stephan Mathieu. 
2. Music by Sharif Sehnaoui, Raed Yassin and Mazen Kerbaj. Courtesy of Annihaya Records. 
3. Music by Robert Henke. 
4. Music by Irena and Vojtech Havlovi. 
5. Music by Donato Dozzy. 
6. Music by Rabih Beaini. 
7. Music by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, Video by Charline Dally. 
8. Music by Rashad Becker. 
9. Music by Natalie Beridze. 
10. Music by Kevin Martin.
11. Music by Giuseppe Tillieci. 
12. Music by Stefan Fraunberger.
Artwork by Lorenzo Mason Studio.
All rights reserved to the respective owners.
C+P Morphine Records 2020

In the past weeks we were revealing two singles from Joseph Capriati\’s upcoming LP titled \’Metamorfosi\’ to be out via Redimension on September 4th, 2020. Now, it\’s time to announce the full 12 track album, which contains an emotional message that needs to be felt. Because this upcoming record is a very special journey when you realize It\’s been several years of Capriati\’s brand of slick and emotive techno, delivered with precision, flair and infectious energy. 

\’Metamorfosi\’ is the story of Joseph Capriati’s artistic evolution, the result of both personal and musical development, maturing influences and meeting his heroes – an emotional message which needs to be felt. From the album’s opening moments, the slow-release, acid euphoria of ‘Improvvisazione’ and the stunning synth melodies of ‘Beautiful Morning’, Capriati’s cards are on the table. The three years since his last album have seen Joseph embark on a journey of self-reflection, broadening his creative spectrum and incorporating more genres and moods. “It is definitely not a pure dancefloor record”, he says of Metamorfosi, “it is diverse, which for me is the spirit of an album. I really hope that people will get the message.”

By releasing the album on his own label Redimension, any barriers that previously lay between Capriati and his most authentic self are gone. This is at once the sound of the Neapolitan techno artist today, as an eleven-year-old discovering House music, as a world-touring DJ and as Joseph at home. 

As the rousing keys and pulse of ‘Beautiful Morning’ fade out, in comes one of the record’s main themes, collaboration. ‘Spirit Brothers’, made with the legendary Louie Vega, is a modern spin on classic House. “The track with Louie Vega is very symbolic for me personally, as it was him and Masters At Work who have inspired me since the beginning.” Through their storied six-hour, vinyl-only sets together at Cielo, New York, Joseph and Louie have fostered a special relationship which translates onto this infectious track. ‘Love Changed Me’, a joint work with Byron Stingily and Eric Kupper, two more true icons of House music, appears later in the record and also fulfills Joseph’s lifelong wish to work with timeless producers and vocalists.

With the supreme drum programming and rolling groove of ‘Anything Is Possible’, the balance shifts to a more muscular sound with a few elements revolving in perfect harmony. ‘Dust’ restores the uplifting tone, conjuring images of Joseph entrancing a crowd at sunrise – fitting given the track was made after Joseph’s first experience at Burning Man in 2018 and represents all the emotions he lived in those desert days. ‘Psychic Journey’ and ‘Goa’ share this cosmic feeling but pack it with extra weight for the peak-time hours.

(Joseph Capriati feat. James Senese: ‘New Horizons’ Official Videoclip)

It would not be a Joseph Capriati full-length without an ode to his beloved hometown of Napoli, a city with a rich history in dance music culture and beyond. ‘New Horizons’ with James Senese represents the essence of Napoli. The single contains a techno version which stands for Joseph and the original version which stands for James Senese, a pioneer of Neapolitan blues and funk for more than half a century. In Joseph’s words, “this track has a priceless value and for me has a great meaning. We didn’t want to make a pure techno track, because it would turn out to be trivial together with James Senese’s saxophone and his voice. The idea was to make an electronic track, and it turned out to be quite trip-hop, very 90s, in a similar style to Massive Attack or Tricky.” 

‘New Horizons’ sets up the cinematic, IDM-influenced title-track ‘Metamorfosi’. If one track on this LP could alone characterises its concept, this would be it. ‘Metamorfosi’ could stun a packed dancefloor at the right moment but that is not its reason to be. It is purely and simply an expression of Joseph’s musical vision, a snapshot of countless years buying, playing and living music. 

The album’s final stretch includes the vibrant ‘It’s All About Love’, the stand-out song made with Eric Kupper and Byron Stingily called ‘Love Changed Me’ and, finally, a broken-beat cut which provides one last emotional peak. With an album tour and special, Capriati vinyl sets coming up soon, the message of Metamorfosi will come to life in a different way. The message is now with you. 

Redimension will release ‘Metamorfosi’ on September 4th, 2020. 

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Joseph Capriati

Feat. Louie Vega, Byron Stingily, Eric Kupper, James Senese
Title. Metamorfosi
Format. Vinyl / Digital
Label. Redimension
Release date. 4th September 2020


1. Improvvisazione
2. Beautiful Morning
3. Spirit Brothers (with Louie Vega)
4. Anything Is Possible
5. Dust
6. New Horizons (feat. James Senese)
7. Metamorfosi
8. Psychic Journey
9. Goa
10. It’s All About Love
11. Love Changed Me (with Eric Kupper feat. Byron Stingily)
12. Let’s Change The World

Singles released:

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic that the whole world has suffered has brought bad news to all of us. Many things have been lost, even the invaluable, such as thousands of human lives. The pandemic has also taken away our freedom, we have been limited to being at home or to interact as little as possible. The repercussions of this led the governments of each place to force the closure of all kinds of massive events, including music and art festivals.
We hope that next year everything will return to normal and we can enjoy everything that we could not in 2020. Here we share a list of 6 massive festivals that will take place in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Without a doubt it is a list to do next year.
1. Movement. (Detroit, USA)
Event dates: May 29, 30 and 31, 2021.

After being moved to September 2020, the Detroit festival has announced it will return to Hart Plaza next year. The festival will take place from May 29th through May 31st. The first names in the line up announced are ANNA, Carl Craig, DJ Minx, Goldie b2b LTJ Bukem DJ with MC DRS, Kash Doll, Maceo Plex, MK, Richie Hawtin, SAMA\’, Seth Troxler, TESTPILOT (AKA deadmau5) & TOKiMONSTA… and more names will be announced leading up to the event. Stay tuned.
Tickets. All current tickets are valid for Movement’s next edition, May 29-31, 2021. If you have already purchased tickets you do not need to take any further action.
3-Day and 1-Day passes are on sale now at (Secure your 3-Day GA or VIP pass for as low as $30 down)
Full details:
2. Awakenings. (The Netherlands)
Event Dates: June 26 and 27, 2021.

Now known as one of the most popular electronic events in the country, Awakenings Festival features 100 acts spread out over eight stages, creating a techno heaven for like minded ravers to unite. Its held in Spaarnwoude Houtrak, just outside of Amsterdam. Anchored in the techno scene, the festival brings in the biggest names to The Netherlands. 
Awakenings Festival 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The festival was moved to June 26 and 27, 2021. Confirmed artist for this venue: ANNA, Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriati , Len Faki, Richie Hawtin, Robert Hood, I Hate Models and many many more.
Purchased tickets remain valid for the 2021 edition. You can check full line up and read the festival’s statement here

3. Sónar Festival and its adjacent event OFFSónar. (Barcelona, Spain) 
Event dates: June 17, 18 and 19, 2021.

The long-running main event Sónar announced Friday, May 8th, that it would be postponed until 2021 due ongoing restrictions around the pandemic. The new dates are June 17th through 19th.
Sonar team says: \”Sónar regrets to report that, due to the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 editions of Sónar Barcelona and Sónar + D will not be able to be held, therefore they are postponed to 2021.
After carefully evaluating all the options, and in compliance with government regulations, this decision has been the only one possible to fully guarantee the health and safety of all attendees, artists and teams involved.
The 27th edition of Sónar Barcelona and the 9th of Sónar + D will take place on June 17, 18 and 19, 2021 at the Fira Montjuïc de Barcelona and Fira Gran Via de L\’Hospitalet venues.
From now on, we are working with participating artists, speakers and entities to reschedule in 2021 most of the shows and activities that we all expected to enjoy this year…\”

4. Coachella and Stagecoac (California, USA)
Event dates: Coachella (Week 1: April 9 – 11, 2021; Week 2: April 16 – 18, 2021), Stagecoach ( April 23 – 25, 2021).
\”Under the continuing health guidance of the County of Riverside, Coachella and Stagecoach 2020 will not take place this October as previously rescheduled. This is not the future that any of us hoped to confront, but our main focus remains the well-being of our fans, staff, artists, desert partners and everyone involved in the festival.
A year without Coachella and Stagecoach is hard for us to comprehend, but we have every intention of returning in 2021. As of now, Coachella weekend one will take place April 9 – 11, 2021 and weekend two will be April 16 – 18, 2021. Stagecoach is set for April 23 – 25, 2021. We look forward to sharing our new lineups and more information. We can’t wait to be together in the desert again when it is safe.
All 2020 passes will be honored in 2021. Current pass holders will be sent an email by the end of the day on Monday, June 15 with further instructions to request a refund or to roll over to next year. \”
5. Exit Festival. (Serbia)
Event dates: July 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2021.
Next Summer we Exit stronger! The first round of acts just launched for EXIT festival 20th anniversary. After the pandemic, the festival moved to next year, the official dates are from 8 to 11 July 2021 at the magical Petrovaradin Fortress.
Artist confirmed:  David Guetta, DJ SNAKE, Eric Prydz b2b Four Tet, Tyga, Boris Brejcha, METRONOMY, Dax J b2b Kobosil, Denis Sulta, Sepultura, Laibach, Marky Ramone, Thundermother, Goblini, Massimo, Marko Nastić, Coeus, Ilija Djokovic, Kristijan Molnar b2b After Affair, Lag b2b Insolate, Layzie., Reblok, Runy, Space Motion + MANY more to be announced soon!
The ticket sale starts on July 31st, while you can check out the perks guaranteed for keeping your EXIT 2020 ticket!
Full details here:

6. Flow Festival. (Helsinki, Finlandia)
Event dates: August 13, 14 and 15, 2021.
Flow Festival is a truly urban boutique city festival. In addition to exceptionally diverse and topical line-up, festival goers will once again get to enjoy the art program, as well as carefully curated food and restaurant services. Only a short walk away from the centre of Finland\’s capital Helsinki, the festival takes place at the historical former power plant area Suvilahti. The factory area has been transformed into a perfect setting for the festivities with lighting design and decorations.

Flow Festival will not take place in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Flow Festival has been organised in Helsinki since 2004, and for many, it has become a highlight of the summer as well an important chance to gather up with friends. Even in times as strange as these, the sense of community and meaningful culture do not lose their importance, and we do look forward to seeing music, food and art lovers at Flow Festival again next year. We will now focus our efforts on planning for the next year’s edition and hope to be able to share exciting line-up news with you as soon as possible. Flow Festival will be held again on August 13–15, 2021 in Helsinki.

Purchased tickets for Flow Festival 2020 will be automatically valid for the 2021 edition. We hope that as many people as possible will support the festival in this exceptional situation and save their tickets for the next year. You\’ll have the opportunity to update your one-day or two-day ticket from one festival day to another later when the daily program for 2021 is announced.

Full details here:
7. Monegros Desert Festival. (Fraga, Spain)
Event dates: July 31, 2021.

Official statement:
Dear Monegrinos:
During the last months we have observed the terrible impact of COVID-19 at a global level.
We apologize for the delay in publishing this statement, we were following the evolution of this pandemic in order to make the decision on the feasibility of the festival on the announced date. Finally, following the measures dictated by the government and with a feeling of responsibility and pain, we have been forced to postpone Monegros Desert Festival until Saturday July 31st, 2021. Although we have to wait another year to dance together in the desert, we believe that the most important thing is to preserve the health of our fans who were going to travel from many places on the planet.
Since the last edition, we have worked tirelessly for six years to design, prepare and produce an event that would exceed all your expectations. We know that all of you were eager to return to the desert because your feedback has been incredible at each stage of this adventure. You have sent us messages full of motivation and support from all corners of the planet. We thank you infinitely for believing in us and we will respond to this challenge as you deserve.
Your energy is our engine to continue working non-stop and to be able to return in 2021 with more strength than ever. We have already started to build the Monegros Desert Festival of 2021 and we assure you that it will be the most epic festival in our history!
On Saturday July 31, 2021 we count on all of you to live together the most incredible experience we have ever seen in the desert.

Post will be updated!

Hailing from Tuscany, Italy, Marco Faraone is a Dj, Producer and UИCAGΞ label owner. In few words, he is a prolific and versatile producer whose incendiary live sets have earned him the attention of all the right people. No wonder why he has become one of Italy’s leading house and techno artists over the last fifteen years.

Now, UNCAGE label owner is back on Rekids with a massive soulful three track EP titled ‘True Love’.

Since debuting on Rekids two years ago he’s become a notable fixture on the Berlin-based imprint, dropping numerous releases including his sophomore album, and he returns again now in fine form.

Opening the release in a big way, ‘True Love’ is built on galloping kicks, rattling shakers and a murky bass throb whilst a distorted vocal sing the track title. A cacophony of percussion then joins deep synths in ‘Want Me’ before introducing a powerful diva vox, leading into ‘Safari’ with its bubbling effects, piercing stabs and swinging hats.

Our favorite pick on this EP is the track titled \’Safari\’. This tracks has the perfect groove and deep hypnotic rhythms to destroy the dancefloor. 

Rekids will release ‘True Love EP’ on 28th August 2020. Pre Order: Beatport 

Cover Artwork.

ArtistMarco Faraone
TitleTrue Love EP
Cat. REKIDS162
Release date28th August 2020.
Vinyl: Deejay
Digital: Beatport


A1 True Love
B1 Want Me
B2 Safari

Pre Order: (Limited Edition Vinyl) Juno 

Silent Season announce they will release Tomas Jirku\’s first full-length in ten years. Titled \’Touching The Sublime\’, this golden piece of eight tracks was inspired by the minimal and glitch pioneer\’s explorations in the wilderness around Vancouver.

Tomas is an artist that began his career in the golden era of minimal and glitch techno, helping to define the genres through releases on Alien8, Force Inc., Klang Elektronik, and Traum. Over the past two decades, Jirku has built a strong repertoire with his exploratory approach to music, experimenting across genres to develop a sound he can call his own.

\’Touching The Sublime\’, according to the label, refers to the idea of the sublime, \”where an overwhelming experience of awe confronts us with the limits of our rational minds,\”. The album uses guitar and other heavily processed sounds to create a \”a synesthetic auditory expression of Romantic era prose and stories of early alpinism.\”

The LP will come with a book featuring landscape photography taken by Jirku himself. Silent Season schedule the release date for this material for september. Pre Order: Juno

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Tomas Jirku
Title. Touching The Sublime
Label. Silent Season
Release date. September 21, 2020
Format: limited 2xLP
Cat: SSV 18

Pre Order: Juno


A1 A Warm Place
A2 Pele & Surtr
B1 The Iliad & The Odyssey
B2 Hypoxia
C1 Tectonic Monument
C2 Idiis Mortii
D1 Entropy8
D2 Eyeless Through Space

Born in Lyon, France in 1995, and based in Barcelona, Spain, Angioma is a Dj and Producer that really know how to hook up with exquisite groove and energetic techno music. Based in Barcelona too, Blanka is a Dj and Producer, that also handles a very unique blend of powerful beat in techno music. A couple of months ago we were sharing a mix of her as the Mix of the Day. You may know why!


Undoubtedly Rebekah has established herself as one of the leading exponents of techno currently operating on the global circuit. That makes her one of the most diligent and in demand techno artists today. In recent years the Birmingham born, Berlin-based producer has made appearances on respected labels like Mord, Soma, and Perc Trax. Her much admired Elements imprint has also risen to become a key platform for quality talent, releasing music from artists like Lag, JoeFarr, Storb, Axel Picodot, and more. 

Now, after a while, Rebekah is back in her Elements imprint to deliver five fierce originals in her new EP that has been entitled ‘Ghost Stories’ that basically tells a strong techno journey of sound like no other. 

Even though she’s contributed numerous single tracks and remixes to Elements over the years, Rebekah’s last full release on the label was its inaugural outing in 2014. She now makes her highly anticipated return with a forward thinking five tracker designed to rip dancefloors apart.

Tracks Description. 

Ghost Stories (intro)’ is a hauntingly, electrifying cut featuring powerful, growling modulations and alarming expressions before moving into the uncompromising ‘Ghost Stories’ which features pounding kicks, menacing builds and slashing synths that sweep you off your feet. Terror filled sonics, commanding highs and energetic fx then take the focus in the unyielding ‘Another Life’. 

Darkness My Old Friend’ is a ravey, warehouse cut featuring entrancing leads, storming oscillations and resounding percussion while ‘Are You Worthy’ rounds off Rebekah’s compelling return to her label with forceful resonations and sinister, machine-like tones. 

Elements will release ‘Ghost Stories’ on August 28th, 2020. Pre-Order: Beatport. 12\” Vinyl: Bandcamp

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Rebekah
Title. Ghost Stories EP
Label. Elements
Release date: August 28, 2020
Format. Digital/Vinyl
Cat#. RBK006
Pre-Order: Beatport.


1. Ghost Stories (intro)
2. Ghost Stories
3. Another Life
4. Darkness My Old Friend
5. Are You Worthy?

Buy: (digital) Bandcamp

Don't Stop EP by DJ 3000

It\’s special when music expressions comes out straight from the source, i mean, somewhere in Detroit. This is the case for Motech Records founder and Detroit techno veteran, Juncaj aka DJ 3000, who presents a new smart collection of groovy new tracks on the ‘Don’t Stop EP’, to be out on Motech Records.

Not just announcing new material, DJ 3000 rather also speak about the actual situation in the world. \”In what has been a year of global disruption on a catastrophic scale, 2020 will be rightly remembered for many negatives. This year will also be marked as a phase in time when many of us extensively self-reflected and evaluated our lives, morals, priorities and our goals. 

For some techno artists, and many cultural Industry players, the gift of time to dedicate to the art of creativity isn’t a reality when there are bills to pay. Therefore lockdown represented an opportunity for many creatives that hold down regular 9-5’s to reset and rediscover creative flow without the normal everyday external distractions.\”

This, DJ 3000\’s first autonomous release since ‘Outnumbered EP’ which dropped in the Autumn of 2019, and features three exclusive ‘quintessentially Detroit bangers and arguably some of his strongest creative output in recent years. 

DJ 3000 adds: “the lockdown granted us all time we wouldn’t usually have, so it was good to be productive and put my new studio through its paces. After making a bunch of tracks, these three I feel resonate the most right now.”

Tracks Description.

The opener and title track ‘Don’t Stop’ is minimal Detroit techno at its purest and finest. DJ 3000 hits the proverbial nail on the head with this techno delight, slamming kicks, interlaced with smooth vocal chops and e-piano / organ stabs building a subtle, groove-filled melodic contrast to the intense thumping kicks; a track that will slot into any techno DJ’s set-list. 

Reckless’, utilises the synth chord sound synonymous with DJ 3000 in this high-energy second track. Its production is sharp and the kicks punch with venom and purpose. 

Last but not least is ‘Undertow’. DJ 3000 flexes his underrated and under the radar versatility in creativity. It’s all about the raw, popping analogue excitement generated by the Roland 909, set against a baseline that compliments, as well as providing plenty of groove.

With new music like this, 2020 may not turn out to be as disappointing as it’s promised, after all.

Motech Records will release \’Don\’t Stop EP\’ on September 25, 2020. (Post will be updated)

Cover Artwork. 

Artist: DJ 3000
Title: Don\’t Stop EP
Label: Motech Records
Cat#: MT137
Format: Digital
Release date: September 25, 2020


1. Don\’t Stop
2. Reckless
3. Undertow

Straight from  the inspiring city of Barcelona, the exceptionally talented Ukrainian producer and sound designer Wisdom Water, a refreshing newcomer to the electronic music scene brings us his mesmerizing debut EP titled ‘Anaphora’, as his lively affair of three tracks. Releasing with Production, this EP is an exploration of music synthesis and innovation within the spaces between genres.

Fresh off the release of his single “Hue”, Wisdom Water refines his sound to produce high energy house and inventive tonal and compositional equilibrium. Referring to the repetition of a word or phrase, “Anaphora” is a continual exercise of finding harmony in repetition and steadiness in progression.

This record dishes out one awesome dance-inducing tune after another, as the artist employs a prismatic ray of genres in order to make a fusion of all the realms of sound that inspire him. Exploring the fluidity of the in-between genre space is where Wisdom Water finds the most inspiration and where he develops his most innovative sound concepts, and having the ability to navigate this domain is the reason he loves making music.

From progressive house to celestial electronica, ‘Anaphora’ embodies a magnetising spectrum of sounds. Each track introduces a new emotional context, and the feeling is accentuated the rhythmic and melodic structures that either create an atmosphere of ecstasy or entrance you into a state of numbness.

Tracks Description. 

The first tune ‘Mile’ instills a sense of euphoria as the energising rhythms and quicktempo looping melody combine with a bouncy beat and echoing percussive layers to produce the paramount uplifting dance hit. Utilizing modular synthesizers, the track sets the stage pursuing energetic tones, sunlit sonics and well-defined baselines.

Overmore’ follows with psychedelic synth sounds, a driving progressive house melody and a commanding beat with a truly intoxicating dancefloor moment. Marimba-esque sounds bounce off each other, adding to the liveliness of this track, while kinetic drums carry the tireless beat. 

Lastly, “Blue Dot” melts and flows like molasses on a hot summer’s day. This track delivers a slightly more somber hypnotising tone but still ensures a catchy clapping beat keeps you moving and a frenzy of hazy melodies collide with one another inebriating the mind of the listener. With upbeat sequences and bubbly base, it awakens your feel-good senses and launches listeners into a euphoric headspace and delivers a much need boost of vitality.

Inspired by artists like Nathan Fake, Dark Sky, Overmono, Bicep, Floating Points, and FaltyDL, this record will have listeners addicted to the progressive looping house melodies it bears. Production will release \’Anaphora\’ on September 4th, 2020. (Post will be updated) 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Wisdom Water
Title: Anaphora
Label: Production
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 4th, 2020
Cat. No. WW01
Distribution: Distrokid


01. Mile
02. Overmore
03. Blue Dot

The true essence of music and culture is to make them a form of expression, not only of art, but also of humanism, that what M-Plant is about. Following on from Lyric Hood’s successful solo release, ‘Everything / Social Distance’ released in July, now M-Plant takes us into August with the first new release this year from Robert Hood and Floorplan.

Opening the proceedings is a solo mission from Robert Hood. ‘The Struggle’ opens with acidic-funk that’s highlighted by Tamika Mallory’s stirring speech following the murder of George Floyd, before launching into powerful stripped-back Techno. This is protest music, Hood-style.

The rest of the EP is devoted to Robert and Lyric Hood’s collaborative Floorplan project. The original version of ‘Save The Children’ brings tough House with blazing horns and vocal refrains to continue the themes of social change. While the Detroit Mix goes deep and bassy, overlaid with poignant vocal samples including the words of Dick Gregory.

M-Plant will release \’The Struggle / Save The Children\’ digitally on August 14, 2020.

Black Lives Matter

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Robert Hood & Floorplant
Title: The Struggle / Save The Children
Label: M-Plant
Cat #: M.PM035
Format: Digital
Release date: August 14, 2020


1. Robert Hood – The Struggle
2. Floorplant – Save The Children
3. Floorplant – Save The Children (Detroit Mix)

Following their June return with the successful ‘Thanks For Coming EP, Detroit Grand PuBahs (Paris The Black FU and Mysterious Mr O) continue their Engineroom label with another revamped release featuring remastered original nuggets alongside new and rare versions.

\’Catching The Red Eye / I Didn’t Want To Part\’ EP is a 4 track release that is going to be released via Engineroom on August 14, 2020. 

Their dulcet and melancholic ‘Catching The Red Eye’, which originally appeared on their ‘Detelefunk Vol. 1’ compilation (2011) and the slow electronic-funk of ‘I Didn’t Want To Party’, from their ‘Madd Circus’ album (2010) are both remastered here.

But the EP\’s opener is the brand new Electro Variation of ‘Catching The Red Eye’, which takes the original version into warm and rippling electro waters.

Providing the other half of the sandwich is LAD’s Remix of ‘I Didn’t Want To Party’, which also appeared on the Detelefunk comp but is not as widely known. LAD (Swiss musician, DJ, producer and Caduceus Records owner, Ladislav Agabekov) turns in an extended remix of atmospheric melodic Techno that sounds just as fresh in 2020.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Detroit Grand PuBahs 
Title. Catching The Red Eye / I Didn’t Want To Party
Label. Engineroom
Cat. #: ER10
Release date: August 14, 2020


1. Catching The Red Eye (ELECTRO VARIATION)
2. Catching The Red Eye (REMASTERED)
3. I Didn’t Want To Party (REMASTERED)
4. I Didn’t Want To Party (LAD REMIX)

After a very well received EP from Sebastian Ledher, now Paco Osuna takes over the controls on his own label Mindshake to release his new EP titled \’Brain Bells\’ featuring two of his new original tracks alongside remixes by Marco Faraone and Egbert.

Along with releases on Mindshake, Paco Osuna has featured on some of the world\’s best known labels ranging from Richie Hawtin’s Minus to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. One of Spain’s most accomplished DJ’s, he is in regular high demand with EP’s like this one being a fine example of his exceptional talent.

This EP is the demonstration of Paco Osuna outstanding production work as usual. The two originals of this release blends on intense melodic grooves, backgrounded with banging hypnotic techno atmospheres. Very proper from Osuna\’s sound.

Marco Faraone is on remix duty, adding the Midas touch he has previously applied to his top selling releases on influential techno labels like Radio Slave\’s Rekids, Josh Wink’s Ovum and Shlomi Aber\’s Be As One.

Dutch master Egbert also adds his stamp with a peak time remix in the style he has showcased on scene leading imprints that range from Sven Väth’s Cocoon to Dense & Pika\’s Kneaded Pains.

Tracks Description.

Brain Bells” opens the EP with explosive claps and pitched tom drums layered with a lurching bassline. The intense bell melody and muffled vocals contribute to the murky atmosphere that adds suspense to the unfolding excitement.

Second of the originals, “TechBass” does exactly what is says on the tin with a throbbing bassline that pulsates a fierce energy throughout the techy track. Swelling with a brooding energy, the unrelenting onslaught of sub bass is a speaker rumbling masterpiece.

Track three is Marco Faraone’s remix of Brain Bells, which adds a looped melody that transforms the track into a hypnotic version. Deep but still dance floor focused, this masterfully crafted remix has a subtle sophistication for all to enjoy.

Egbert closes out the EP with his rework of Brain Bells that adds dramatic bass stabs to key elements from the original. The sinister mood combined with the frantic melody creates a compelling rollercoaster ride that will have people screaming for more.

Mindshake records will release \’Brain Bells EP\’ digitally on Friday 21 August 2020.

Previews soon…

Cover Artwork. 

Artist: Paco Osuna
Title: Brain Bells EP
Label: Mindshake
Release Date: Friday 21 August 2020
Format: Digital


01. Brain Bells
02. TechBass
03. Brain Bells (Marco Faraone Remix)
04. Brain Bells (Egbert Remix)

Its almost september, and it\’s almost time for the release of the new album titled \’Metamorfosi\’ by the italian techno hero Joseph Capriati, that in previous months announced this upcoming LP that is set to be out on September trough  his own label Redimension. This album meanders through downtempo, house, techno, leftfield, and more, and features special collaborations that involve different artists such as Louie Vega, Byron Stingily, Eric Kupper, and the pioneer of blues and funk in Naples, James Senese. 

We are almost there, and two singles has already been revealed. The first single already out is \’Goa\’, an uplifting techno banger with the Capriati stamp on it. Listen below: 

Second single is ‘New Horizons’, this track is set to be released on August 7th, the single is a beautiful downtempo cut featuring iconic Italian saxophonist James Senese. 

In Joseph’s words, “this track has a priceless value and for me has a great meaning. We didn’t want to make a pure techno track, because it would turn out to be trivial together with James Senese’s saxophone and his voice. The idea was to make an electronic track, and it turned out to be quite trip-hop, very 90s, in a similar style to Massive Attack or Tricky.”

(Track will be available for streaming on August 7th

Enjoy a very interesting and deep range of avant garde techno sounds in Luca Draccar\’s new EP on  Lush Point titled \’Flamboyant\’. This release is a deep rhythms journey of three original tracks and a stunning remix made by the prolific producer from Los Angeles, California, Developer

Flamboyant is born wet from the sun and it is known when you are too exposed to the sun you have strange visions.

The first track, “Birba” (name given to children who make funny troubles) is a beat inspired long way, a tropical goth adventure. An acid safari video experience moist like water in a forest. As soft as the touch of the drops or leaves of the plants in the jungle. Intriguing like the sounds surrounding when you swim in the sea or go through the wild nature.

The second track, “Every exit is an entrance” is a unique soft flowering track: it is all about impossible combinations such as \”sweet/bitter\”; a word that was used in the sixties,\”lysergic\”. The track is a lysergic journey in a fabulous world where fruits have a flourish bittersweet taste. Hypnotising and deep.

Never Settle” is a techno glimpse in an evocative world, a tech speedy-noir. This should state Luca Draccar artist roots are everywhere and nowhere. That’s why never settle. California has imbued him with its blinding and exotic radiance. Berlin gave him the sense of dark rhythm. Italy prepared him for all this, especially a way to leave. Without restraint. And in Los Angeles, Developer found the perfect way to remix “Never Settle”.

The Flamboyant concept was inspired from Berlin architect Hinrich Baller, worldwide regarded as the German Gaudí.

Lush Point will release \’Flamboyant\’ digitally on August 28th, 2020.

Cover Artwork.

Label: Lush Point
Artist: Luca Draccar
Title: Flamboyant
Format: EP
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: August 28th, 2020
Cat. No. LP005
Distribution: Level


01. Birba
02. Every Exit Is An Entrance
03. Never Settle
04. Never Settle (Developer Remix)

It\’s been a good year for the Cosmic Boys, and it doesn\’t look like it\’s going to stop now. That\’s right, your favorite France Based duo is back with a new EP titled \’Digital Love\’ on their label Legend that features two new tracks in their hard-hitting style of peak time techno made for the dance floor.

The guys last EP \’Fireworks\’ picked up support from the likes of Adam Beyer, Pappenheimer and Roberto Capuano amongst many others, and the tracks are both charted inside of Beatport’s Top 100.

Many will also be familiar with the Cosmic Boys recent collaboration with UMEK on his label 1605, along with their contributions to Richie Hawtin’s iconic Minus.

It\’s been definitely a good year for the french duo, if you are not following their entire path of track this year, it\’s a good moment to start, as their brilliant new release features two original tracks that blend chunky percussion with high velocity rhythm and spine-tingling synth lines.

The EP’s title track “Digital Love” opens the release with dramatic bursts of explosive synths that spring forth to create a dramatic tension. Building towards the twisted euphoria and suspense of the main breakdown, the intensity is unrelenting as the kick drum thunders back in to create a drop of epic proportions.

Second of the two originals “Timeless” is equally ferocious with a compelling energy that is out of this world. Combining a throbbing bassline and high velocity lead synth the “how to release the pressure” vocal is perfectly suited to the onslaught of pent up energy this track unleashes when played at maximum volume, as it’s guaranteed to create a frenzy of excited dancing.

Legend will release \’Digital Love\’ digitally on Friday 14 August 2020. Buy it: Beatport 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Cosmic Boys
Title: Digital Love
Label: Legend
Release Date: Friday 14 August 2020
Format: Digital
CAT#: LGD019


01. Digital Love
02. Timeless