Edge Of Motion release a new album \'Revolting Angels\' featuring a collection of beautiful dark ambient electronica.

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Let\’s meet the duo Edge Of Motion, and for this we need to go back and remember when techno was all about creating the soundtrack for the future, and when there were no borders between styles or scenes, when your favourite records were just white label vinyl, stamped with cryptic names. 

This was exactly around the time Edge of Motion first made their mark on electronic music. Even now, decades after they first burst on the scene, seminal tracks like Set Up 707 and albums like Planet Gong Realities and Ad Hoc are still frequently played by techno’s most revered selectors.

Now, the duo presents their 3rd full album since 1998. The new LP features 15 new amazing ambient tracks and has been entitled \’Revolting Angels\’

This album represents a collection of dark ambient electronica in the league of Lustmord, Abul Morgard, Steve Roach amongst others. Buckle up and immerse into the deepest darkest voids.

Edge Of Motion will release \’Revolting Angels\’ digitally on July 31st, 2020. 

Cover Artwork. 

Label: Edge Of Motion
Artist: Edge Of Motion
Title: Revolting Angels
Format: LP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: July 31st, 2020
Cat. No. EOMLP001
Distribution: NEWS


01. The Revolt Of Angels
02. Sethian Empress
03. Mother Doesn‘t Cook Nice
04. Iceberg Holiday
05. Leviathan Tongue
06. Eigenvalue
07. 23
08. Apollyon
09. Enjoy The Silence
10. Backyard Demon
11. From Beyond
12. Infinity Room
13. Guassian Dilemma
14. Rites
15. Djinn Particle

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