DJ 3000 is back with three new Detroit bangers in his new ‘Don’t Stop EP’ on Motech Records.

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Don't Stop EP by DJ 3000

It\’s special when music expressions comes out straight from the source, i mean, somewhere in Detroit. This is the case for Motech Records founder and Detroit techno veteran, Juncaj aka DJ 3000, who presents a new smart collection of groovy new tracks on the ‘Don’t Stop EP’, to be out on Motech Records.

Not just announcing new material, DJ 3000 rather also speak about the actual situation in the world. \”In what has been a year of global disruption on a catastrophic scale, 2020 will be rightly remembered for many negatives. This year will also be marked as a phase in time when many of us extensively self-reflected and evaluated our lives, morals, priorities and our goals. 

For some techno artists, and many cultural Industry players, the gift of time to dedicate to the art of creativity isn’t a reality when there are bills to pay. Therefore lockdown represented an opportunity for many creatives that hold down regular 9-5’s to reset and rediscover creative flow without the normal everyday external distractions.\”

This, DJ 3000\’s first autonomous release since ‘Outnumbered EP’ which dropped in the Autumn of 2019, and features three exclusive ‘quintessentially Detroit bangers and arguably some of his strongest creative output in recent years. 

DJ 3000 adds: “the lockdown granted us all time we wouldn’t usually have, so it was good to be productive and put my new studio through its paces. After making a bunch of tracks, these three I feel resonate the most right now.”

Tracks Description.

The opener and title track ‘Don’t Stop’ is minimal Detroit techno at its purest and finest. DJ 3000 hits the proverbial nail on the head with this techno delight, slamming kicks, interlaced with smooth vocal chops and e-piano / organ stabs building a subtle, groove-filled melodic contrast to the intense thumping kicks; a track that will slot into any techno DJ’s set-list. 

Reckless’, utilises the synth chord sound synonymous with DJ 3000 in this high-energy second track. Its production is sharp and the kicks punch with venom and purpose. 

Last but not least is ‘Undertow’. DJ 3000 flexes his underrated and under the radar versatility in creativity. It’s all about the raw, popping analogue excitement generated by the Roland 909, set against a baseline that compliments, as well as providing plenty of groove.

With new music like this, 2020 may not turn out to be as disappointing as it’s promised, after all.

Motech Records will release \’Don\’t Stop EP\’ on September 25, 2020. (Post will be updated)

Cover Artwork. 

Artist: DJ 3000
Title: Don\’t Stop EP
Label: Motech Records
Cat#: MT137
Format: Digital
Release date: September 25, 2020


1. Don\’t Stop
2. Reckless
3. Undertow

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