Rebekah is back at her Elements imprint with new \'Ghost Stories EP\' featuring five fierce techno originals.

Undoubtedly Rebekah has established herself as one of the leading exponents of techno currently operating on the global circuit. That makes her one of the most diligent and in demand techno artists today. In recent years the Birmingham born, Berlin-based producer has made appearances on respected labels like Mord, Soma, and Perc Trax. Her much admired Elements imprint has also risen to become a key platform for quality talent, releasing music from artists like Lag, JoeFarr, Storb, Axel Picodot, and more. 

Now, after a while, Rebekah is back in her Elements imprint to deliver five fierce originals in her new EP that has been entitled ‘Ghost Stories’ that basically tells a strong techno journey of sound like no other. 

Even though she’s contributed numerous single tracks and remixes to Elements over the years, Rebekah’s last full release on the label was its inaugural outing in 2014. She now makes her highly anticipated return with a forward thinking five tracker designed to rip dancefloors apart.

Tracks Description. 

Ghost Stories (intro)’ is a hauntingly, electrifying cut featuring powerful, growling modulations and alarming expressions before moving into the uncompromising ‘Ghost Stories’ which features pounding kicks, menacing builds and slashing synths that sweep you off your feet. Terror filled sonics, commanding highs and energetic fx then take the focus in the unyielding ‘Another Life’. 

Darkness My Old Friend’ is a ravey, warehouse cut featuring entrancing leads, storming oscillations and resounding percussion while ‘Are You Worthy’ rounds off Rebekah’s compelling return to her label with forceful resonations and sinister, machine-like tones. 

Elements will release ‘Ghost Stories’ on August 28th, 2020. Pre-Order: Beatport. 12\” Vinyl: Bandcamp

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Rebekah
Title. Ghost Stories EP
Label. Elements
Release date: August 28, 2020
Format. Digital/Vinyl
Cat#. RBK006
Pre-Order: Beatport.


1. Ghost Stories (intro)
2. Ghost Stories
3. Another Life
4. Darkness My Old Friend
5. Are You Worthy?

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