A collab between Angioma & Blanka present a new EP ‘Dirty Pattern’ on Room Trax with P.Leone & Rocko Garoni on remix duties.

Born in Lyon, France in 1995, and based in Barcelona, Spain, Angioma is a Dj and Producer that really know how to hook up with exquisite groove and energetic techno music. Based in Barcelona too, Blanka is a Dj and Producer, that also handles a very unique blend of powerful beat in techno music. A couple of months ago we were sharing a mix of her as the Mix of the Day. You may know why!

These two techno prodigious artists are the Room Trax label heads, and it was just a matter of time for them to hook up and make a collab to have as a result a magnificent groove manifest. 
As we were telling, Angioma & Blanka return to their imprint with a new magnificent four track EP titled ‘Dirty Pattern‘. This release, especially the self-titled main track, leaves no doubt that a detailed drum pattern can perfectly match a wide ranged chord progression to give you a forward, powerful push.
First track, ‘Dirty Pattern, is rich of segmentation and details, creating a special vibe between House and Techno with dynamic power for the people, highlighting both Angioma & Blanka’s production skills. Whereas South Brooklyn’s P.Leone turns his remix into a percussion-driven smack ballade par excellence with a driving infusion of special touch coming with it.
B-sided, ‘Industrial Sirens‘ delivers what the title claims: an industrial sounding atmosphere going hand by hand with a consistently rising, energizing drum pattern. The dirty vibe coming with is just a massive boost for every sound system. Berlin-based Rocko Garoni is on the remix duties delivering a perfectly matching overwork full of raw textures and sublimeness.
Room Trax will release ‘Dirty Pattern‘ on August 7th, 2020.  A must play!
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Angioma & Blanka
Remixers: P.Leone, Rocko Garoni
Title: Dirty Pattern
Label: Room Trax
Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: August 7th, 2020
Cat. No. ROOM005
Distribution: Label Worx
01. Dirty Pattern
02. Dirty Pattern (P.Leone Remix)
03. Industrial Sirens
04. Industrial Sirens (Rocko Garoni Remix)

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