Tomas Jirku reveals his new album titled \'Touching The Sublime\' on Silent Season.

Pre Order: (Limited Edition Vinyl) Juno 

Silent Season announce they will release Tomas Jirku\’s first full-length in ten years. Titled \’Touching The Sublime\’, this golden piece of eight tracks was inspired by the minimal and glitch pioneer\’s explorations in the wilderness around Vancouver.

Tomas is an artist that began his career in the golden era of minimal and glitch techno, helping to define the genres through releases on Alien8, Force Inc., Klang Elektronik, and Traum. Over the past two decades, Jirku has built a strong repertoire with his exploratory approach to music, experimenting across genres to develop a sound he can call his own.

\’Touching The Sublime\’, according to the label, refers to the idea of the sublime, \”where an overwhelming experience of awe confronts us with the limits of our rational minds,\”. The album uses guitar and other heavily processed sounds to create a \”a synesthetic auditory expression of Romantic era prose and stories of early alpinism.\”

The LP will come with a book featuring landscape photography taken by Jirku himself. Silent Season schedule the release date for this material for september. Pre Order: Juno

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Tomas Jirku
Title. Touching The Sublime
Label. Silent Season
Release date. September 21, 2020
Format: limited 2xLP
Cat: SSV 18

Pre Order: Juno


A1 A Warm Place
A2 Pele & Surtr
B1 The Iliad & The Odyssey
B2 Hypoxia
C1 Tectonic Monument
C2 Idiis Mortii
D1 Entropy8
D2 Eyeless Through Space

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