Find well-executed modular sounds in Wisdom Water debut EP titled \'Anaphora\' on Production.

Straight from  the inspiring city of Barcelona, the exceptionally talented Ukrainian producer and sound designer Wisdom Water, a refreshing newcomer to the electronic music scene brings us his mesmerizing debut EP titled ‘Anaphora’, as his lively affair of three tracks. Releasing with Production, this EP is an exploration of music synthesis and innovation within the spaces between genres.

Fresh off the release of his single “Hue”, Wisdom Water refines his sound to produce high energy house and inventive tonal and compositional equilibrium. Referring to the repetition of a word or phrase, “Anaphora” is a continual exercise of finding harmony in repetition and steadiness in progression.

This record dishes out one awesome dance-inducing tune after another, as the artist employs a prismatic ray of genres in order to make a fusion of all the realms of sound that inspire him. Exploring the fluidity of the in-between genre space is where Wisdom Water finds the most inspiration and where he develops his most innovative sound concepts, and having the ability to navigate this domain is the reason he loves making music.

From progressive house to celestial electronica, ‘Anaphora’ embodies a magnetising spectrum of sounds. Each track introduces a new emotional context, and the feeling is accentuated the rhythmic and melodic structures that either create an atmosphere of ecstasy or entrance you into a state of numbness.

Tracks Description. 

The first tune ‘Mile’ instills a sense of euphoria as the energising rhythms and quicktempo looping melody combine with a bouncy beat and echoing percussive layers to produce the paramount uplifting dance hit. Utilizing modular synthesizers, the track sets the stage pursuing energetic tones, sunlit sonics and well-defined baselines.

Overmore’ follows with psychedelic synth sounds, a driving progressive house melody and a commanding beat with a truly intoxicating dancefloor moment. Marimba-esque sounds bounce off each other, adding to the liveliness of this track, while kinetic drums carry the tireless beat. 

Lastly, “Blue Dot” melts and flows like molasses on a hot summer’s day. This track delivers a slightly more somber hypnotising tone but still ensures a catchy clapping beat keeps you moving and a frenzy of hazy melodies collide with one another inebriating the mind of the listener. With upbeat sequences and bubbly base, it awakens your feel-good senses and launches listeners into a euphoric headspace and delivers a much need boost of vitality.

Inspired by artists like Nathan Fake, Dark Sky, Overmono, Bicep, Floating Points, and FaltyDL, this record will have listeners addicted to the progressive looping house melodies it bears. Production will release \’Anaphora\’ on September 4th, 2020. (Post will be updated) 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Wisdom Water
Title: Anaphora
Label: Production
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 4th, 2020
Cat. No. WW01
Distribution: Distrokid


01. Mile
02. Overmore
03. Blue Dot

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