Two singles revealed from Joseph Capriati\'s upcoming LP \'Metamorfosi\'.

Its almost september, and it\’s almost time for the release of the new album titled \’Metamorfosi\’ by the italian techno hero Joseph Capriati, that in previous months announced this upcoming LP that is set to be out on September trough  his own label Redimension. This album meanders through downtempo, house, techno, leftfield, and more, and features special collaborations that involve different artists such as Louie Vega, Byron Stingily, Eric Kupper, and the pioneer of blues and funk in Naples, James Senese. 

We are almost there, and two singles has already been revealed. The first single already out is \’Goa\’, an uplifting techno banger with the Capriati stamp on it. Listen below: 

Second single is ‘New Horizons’, this track is set to be released on August 7th, the single is a beautiful downtempo cut featuring iconic Italian saxophonist James Senese. 

In Joseph’s words, “this track has a priceless value and for me has a great meaning. We didn’t want to make a pure techno track, because it would turn out to be trivial together with James Senese’s saxophone and his voice. The idea was to make an electronic track, and it turned out to be quite trip-hop, very 90s, in a similar style to Massive Attack or Tricky.”

(Track will be available for streaming on August 7th

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