Luca Draccar’s new EP titled ‘Flamboyant’ brings on a lysergic journey filled with deep rhythms (Ft. remix by Developer)

Enjoy a very interesting and deep range of avant garde techno sounds in Luca Draccar‘s new EP on  Lush Point titled ‘Flamboyant‘. This release is a deep rhythms journey of three original tracks and a stunning remix made by the prolific producer from Los Angeles, California, Developer

Flamboyant is born wet from the sun and it is known when you are too exposed to the sun you have strange visions.
The first track, “Birba” (name given to children who make funny troubles) is a beat inspired long way, a tropical goth adventure. An acid safari video experience moist like water in a forest. As soft as the touch of the drops or leaves of the plants in the jungle. Intriguing like the sounds surrounding when you swim in the sea or go through the wild nature.
The second track, “Every exit is an entrance” is a unique soft flowering track: it is all about impossible combinations such as \”sweet/bitter\”; a word that was used in the sixties,\”lysergic\”. The track is a lysergic journey in a fabulous world where fruits have a flourish bittersweet taste. Hypnotising and deep.
Never Settle” is a techno glimpse in an evocative world, a tech speedy-noir. This should state Luca Draccar artist roots are everywhere and nowhere. That’s why never settle. California has imbued him with its blinding and exotic radiance. Berlin gave him the sense of dark rhythm. Italy prepared him for all this, especially a way to leave. Without restraint. And in Los Angeles, Developer found the perfect way to remix “Never Settle”.
The Flamboyant concept was inspired from Berlin architect Hinrich Baller, worldwide regarded as the German Gaudí.
Lush Point will release \’Flamboyant\’ digitally on August 28th, 2020.
Cover Artwork.


Label: Lush Point
Artist: Luca Draccar
Title: Flamboyant
Format: EP
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: August 28th, 2020
Cat. No. LP005
Distribution: Level
01. Birba
02. Every Exit Is An Entrance
03. Never Settle
04. Never Settle (Developer Remix)

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