Detroit Grand PuBahs to release revamped and remastered versions of \'Catching The Red Eye / I Didn\'t Want To Party\'.

Following their June return with the successful ‘Thanks For Coming EP, Detroit Grand PuBahs (Paris The Black FU and Mysterious Mr O) continue their Engineroom label with another revamped release featuring remastered original nuggets alongside new and rare versions.

\’Catching The Red Eye / I Didn’t Want To Part\’ EP is a 4 track release that is going to be released via Engineroom on August 14, 2020. 

Their dulcet and melancholic ‘Catching The Red Eye’, which originally appeared on their ‘Detelefunk Vol. 1’ compilation (2011) and the slow electronic-funk of ‘I Didn’t Want To Party’, from their ‘Madd Circus’ album (2010) are both remastered here.

But the EP\’s opener is the brand new Electro Variation of ‘Catching The Red Eye’, which takes the original version into warm and rippling electro waters.

Providing the other half of the sandwich is LAD’s Remix of ‘I Didn’t Want To Party’, which also appeared on the Detelefunk comp but is not as widely known. LAD (Swiss musician, DJ, producer and Caduceus Records owner, Ladislav Agabekov) turns in an extended remix of atmospheric melodic Techno that sounds just as fresh in 2020.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Detroit Grand PuBahs 
Title. Catching The Red Eye / I Didn’t Want To Party
Label. Engineroom
Cat. #: ER10
Release date: August 14, 2020


1. Catching The Red Eye (ELECTRO VARIATION)
2. Catching The Red Eye (REMASTERED)
3. I Didn’t Want To Party (REMASTERED)
4. I Didn’t Want To Party (LAD REMIX)

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