Meet the Hood-style protest music with Robert Hood & Floorplan new EP titled ‘The Struggle / Save The Children’.

The true essence of music and culture is to make them a form of expression, not only of art, but also of humanism, that what M-Plant is about. Following on from Lyric Hood’s successful solo release, ‘Everything / Social Distance’ released in July, now M-Plant takes us into August with the first new release this year from Robert Hood and Floorplan.

Opening the proceedings is a solo mission from Robert Hood. ‘The Struggle’ opens with acidic-funk that’s highlighted by Tamika Mallory’s stirring speech following the murder of George Floyd, before launching into powerful stripped-back Techno. This is protest music, Hood-style.
The rest of the EP is devoted to Robert and Lyric Hood’s collaborative Floorplan project. The original version of ‘Save The Children’ brings tough House with blazing horns and vocal refrains to continue the themes of social change. While the Detroit Mix goes deep and bassy, overlaid with poignant vocal samples including the words of Dick Gregory.
M-Plant will release ‘The Struggle / Save The Children’ digitally on August 14, 2020.
Black Lives Matter
Cover Artwork.


Artist: Robert Hood & Floorplant
Title: The Struggle / Save The Children
Label: M-Plant
Cat #: M.PM035
Format: Digital
Release date: August 14, 2020
1. Robert Hood – The Struggle
2. Floorplant – Save The Children
3. Floorplant – Save The Children (Detroit Mix)

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