Technics have released a new 1210 model of turntable, the SL-1210G.

Technics announced the new 1210 model of turntable aimed at the audiophile market. The SL-1210G follows the limited-edition SL-1210GAE model, which sold out shortly after its launch in June 2020. In terms of specifications, the new turntable is essentially an updated reboot of the SL-1200G model from 2016 but with a black finish.

The new player is aimed at audiophiles though also maintains some of the features 1210 users will be familiar with. Described as a twin sister to the GAE model that came out in 2020, the 1210G features a new “iron-coreless direct drive motor, a hybrid encoder for rotational speed detection, using digital and analogue technology to allow for enhanced stability, a three-layer platter with high vibration-damping performance and high-damping silicone rubber insulators to minimise vibrations.”

European Technics Product Manager Frank Balzuweit said: “We learned from the huge success of the limited edition SL-1210GAE, which was launched in June 2020 and almost immediately sold out…” also “… we realised there was high demand for a ‘regular’ black version of this flagship 1200 Series model. In its striking black finish, the new SL-1210G possesses genuine elegance….”

The SL-1210G is available in Europe from October 2021 for £3499/€3999. Head to the Technics website for more details.

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