Kompakt SPEICHER X series returns with ESPRIT DIVERS ‘Turbulentos’ single.

What a surprise! Kompakt SPEICHER X series returns with the first single from a new alias called ESPRIT DIVERS, but many of you know him as COYU – the celebrated Catalan DJ and founder of Suara, one of the most prominent labels in the world of techno and house music.

Speicher X, the same label in which big talented artists as T. Raumschmiere, Mathew Jonson, Kölsch, Voigt & Voigt, Oxia and Michael Mayer have already released their music, is where Coyu will premiered his new pseudonym ESPRIT DIVERS. What a beginning!
The artist confesses: “Eclecticism and diversity is something that have followed me since I started to get interest on music. This is why I have decided to split my projects and create Esprit Divers, who will be in continuous motion seeking for different sounds, based in the idea of music of contrast: light and dark, sorrow and hope, mind and soul.” – Coyu
The result of this new endeavour is called “TURBULENTOS“. A fortified low slung bass drum is the fuel to propel this techno train forward. TURBULENTOS resonates the earliest days of Kompakt’s sweat drenched clubland Speicher glory, but fits the set demands for the biggest of today’s festival stage DJs.
After listening to the single, our review can only be a good one. And it become reasonable when a big label such as kompakt is giving the space for this tremendous track and this new alias to began his travel.
Stay tuned and scroll down for full details. Kompakt – Speicher X will release \”Turbulentos\” digitally on July 17, 2020.
Cover Artwork.
Title: Turbulentos
Release date. July 17, 2020
Label. Kompakt – Speicher X
Cat. no: KOMPAKT EX X8
Format. Digital
1. Turbulentos (Original Mix)

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