0010×0010 masters two new techno cuts using the Modular Freq Bionic System 1.2 for his \'Live From BH 90210\' EP.

If you are into fast techno, sound from space and modular frequencies at its finest, you should listen to what the Dutch artist 0010×0010 is doing. 

0010×0010 is an audio/visual artist born in Helmond, Noord Brabant, the same region as Vincent Van Gogh, in the south of The Netherlands. His career began there, with him releasing and performing underground dance music. Then he moved to Los Angeles to focus on a new visual art, film, photography and editing career, but without forgetting his roots on producing true underground music, so with time he got back to releasing audio designs, also fusing it with his visuals, so that become most of what we are seeing and hearing today from him.

 His most recent production sees two new phenomenal techno cuts that are going to be released in his new EP on Modular Freq Records that has been entitled \’Live From BH 90210\’.

\’Live From BH 90210\’ was recorded the night/morning of April 4 at the Xumiiro Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA. All sounds coming from the Modular Freq Bionic System 1.2.

Modular Freq will release \’Live From BH 90210\’ digitally on June 28th, 2020. Stay tuned for more and scroll down for full details. 

Cover Artwork. 

Artist: 0010×0010
Title: Live From BH 90210
Format: EP Digital
Release Date: June 28th, 2020
Cat. No. MFRQ004
Distribution: Label Worx


01. Glitches. in My Brain
02. HVMVNØID 7 plus plus


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