Tricky LP titled \'Fall To Pieces\' feat. vocalist Marta Złakowska.

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Fall to Pieces by Tricky

If you are a fan of Tricky\’s music, you are going to love this news. 

Tricky has revealed that his new album \’Fall To Pieces\’ will arrive in September,  the new LP heavily features vocalist Marta Złakowska.

Coming out officially in September 4th, \’Fall To Pieces\’ presents 11 brief tracks that end abruptly and feature jarring shifts, according to Tricky\’s label False Idols. The LP also heavily features vocalist Marta Złakowska, whom Tricky discovered on the opening night of a European tour when he was without a singer and needed someone to fill in.

The album\’s notes also mention getting over a period of grief and self-reflection: \”You\’ve gotta fucking get up and fight,\” Tricky says. \”Right now I\’m in fight mode. And I feel really good. I do.\”

Watch the video for the single \”Fall Please\” taken from this upcoming album. Video & Animations by Marta Kacprzak. 

Fall To Pieces. Out 4th September. Pre-order the new album now at

Artist. Tricky
Title. Fall To Pieces
Release date. September 4, 2020
Label. False Idols


01. Thinking Of
02. Close Now
03. Running Off
04. I\’m In The Doorway
05. Hate This Pain
06. Chills Me To The Bone
07. Fall Please
08. Take Me Shopping
09. Like A Stone
10. Throws Me Around
11. Vietnam

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