Droughtwerk is back with a marvelous hypnotic tribal modern techno production entitled \'Nerding EP\'.

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A few months ago, before all this pandemic thing hitted the world, we were talking about the amazing Berlin / Germany based combination of artist & label that is Droughtwerk. Back then they released the successful \’Exit Burdock EP\’, a complete and innovative raw-ish techno record.

Now, the duo is back with a new 4 tracker epic EP that has been entitled \”Nerding\”. The upcoming release features some fresh industrial powerful sounds and dark hypnotic elements combined with percussive grooves and a little bit of madness that goes so well together. 

Again, as promised no compromise when it comes to the follow up. Expect nothing less than showcasing some straightforward hypnotic tribal modern techno productions.

This release is fully dedicated dancefloor madness, im sure you all readers gonna love it. Stay tuned because DWK002 has been settle to be released on June 19th 2020 in Digital & Viny formats. 

Cover Artwork. 

Label: Droughtwerk
Artist: Droughtwerk
Title: Nerding EP
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date: June 19th 2020
Cat. No. DWK02
Distribution: Triple Vision, Decks Records


01. Nerding
02. Ataria
03. Sentimental Thoughts
04. Controlled

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