Iñigo Vontier celebrates the life of his daughter releasing \'Siena\', his first ambient album, which is named after her.

June is giving us good music, that is for sure. Maybe is the sign of hope we are looking for, and everything is going to be fine sooner than we think. One thing i must say, music can bring only beautiful thoughts and be there for the best moments of our life. Proof of that is this upcoming album by the non conventional and incredible Iñigo Vontier,  a DJ & Producer from Guadalajara, México.

Iñigo is without no doubt one of the main references for the avant-garde mexican electronic sound. He is always doing great stuff with his talent, now, that his life is changing, he is about to celebrate that with a new ambient album that has been entitled \”SIENA\”. 

This album is certainly special, it was named in honor of Iñigo\’s first daughter, who is about to be born. Siena is going to be released on June 18 through the label he directs with his friend Thomass Jackson, Calypso. Stay tuned.

Here are some words to describe the happiness and the sounds contained in the upcoming album.

\”Hello everyone, this is Iñigo talking. Feels like we have been on a rollercoaster lately but I have something more amazing to be happy for. In the coming weeks the most important thing will happen in my life, I\’m going to become a papi, I\’m going to have a daughter. The album which is named after her, is my first ambient album, there are hints of sci-fi mixed with psychedelic and ethnic sounds, and it is intended to be listened from track 1 to 19 as a journey.

Also I have been working together with my wife on the visuals for the complete album and this will be livestreamed in the coming weeks.\” – Iñigo Vontier

Listen to the track \”Iñigo Vontier – I Love You So Much\” that is included in this album. 

Cover Artwork. 

Label: Calypso Records
Artist: Iñigo Vontier
Title: SIENA
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 18th, 2020
Cat. No. C012
Distribution: Juno Download


01. Year 2020
02. Moon Traveller
03. Far Away Galaxy
04. Time Goes Backwards
05. Days Go By
06. Future Of An Old Era
07. Fuego Ancestral
08. I Like It When It Rains
09. Your Name Spells Like Aliens
10. La Esperanza del Condor
11. Tiny People
12. San Chepe
13. Art Is All We Have
14. I Love You So Much
15. Criquet Song
16. If We Go To That Place
17. Heartbeat
18. Sienas Lullaby
19. My Dear Deer


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