Agoria reveals his new 9-track LP titled ‘.dev’.   

Widely acclaimed producer and composer Agoria (aka Sebastien Devaud) has announced his fifth LP is on the way. The new 9-track album has been entitled ‘.dev’, and will be released on November 12th, 2021 via his own Sapiens label. The album sees the French polymath known for his forays into visual arts and tech, as well as electronic music production and DJing, deliver a project that will land on vinyl, digital formats, and an AI player created by ARCA and Jai Paul collaborators Bronze. Read the full story below.

Agoria. Photo Credit: Bruno Rizzato

‘dev.’, Agoria’s second LP for Sapiens following 2019’s ‘Drift’, kicks off with the haunting, synth-driven ‘What if Midday Was At Midnite’ featuring French vocalist Blasé. Epic yet gritty and restrained, ‘What if Midday Was At Midnite’ is the Haute vocalist delivering his most memorable and otherworldly performance to date and the follow up to Agoria’s biggest hit, ‘You’re Not Alone’. As with all of the forthcoming singles from the LP, ‘What if Midday At Midnite’ arrives with a regenerative NFT inspired by L-systems developed by sixties biologist Aristid Lindenmayer and created in collaboration with coder Johan Lescure.

Listen to the single Agoria ft Blase ‘What if Midday Was At Midnite’:

‘.dev’ is yet another collaborative piece from Agoria, aka Sebastien Devaud. As well as Blasé and STS, who return after featuring on ‘Drift’, Devaud has worked with Domino’s Ela Minus, flamenco innovator Niño De Elche, and the unique hip hop delivery of Rome Fortune across the LP, with additional collaborators including Sacha Rudy and Oscar winner (The Sound of Metal), Nicolas Becker.

Sonically, the LP is Agoria presenting a kaleidoscopic haze of cinematic and evolving electronica that touches on house, techno, electro, hip hop, and beyond but beneath the aesthetics, ‘.dev’ is the work of an artist who is asking himself questions in order to create worlds out of his answers.

Beyond looking to question the very systems of the traditional album format, his holistic approach to AI and NFT’s within the thematic world of his work are laid out front and centre through the visual and conceptual identity surrounding the album.

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Artist. Agoria
Title. .dev
Label. Sapiens
Release date. November 12th, 2021
Format. Vinyl, Digital

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  1. What if the dead dream ft Ela Minus
  2. What if earth would turn faster ft Niño de Elche
  3. Reflow
  4. Smoking Mirrors ft STS
  5. What if midday was at midnite ft Blasé
  6. Wolf has no street
  7. Swipe
  8. Echelon ft Rome Fortune
  9. The External

Cover Photo Credit: Bruno Rizzato

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