Re:tune Music has revealed the final programme for the Central American electronic music conference, CIMA. 

With the participation of more than twenty artists from various disciplines, music production workshops, conversatories, cultural events, and nocturnal recreational activities, Re: tune music presents ‘CIMA-Cultura e Innovación de Música Avanzada-, a musical conference which premises is to show off regional talent, unificate the electronic music scene, and build more bridges between Central America to enhance the most relevant musical proposals of the region.     

This is the conference’s first edition, and it will expose a new concept of culture and innovation of advanced music. The host of the event has already confirmed the participation of artists such as Eddie Funes, Giuliano Lomonte, Janeret, Dj Masda, Ramon, Mariano Santolino, Gabriel Cazali, Rod V, Loht Vostok, Kelman, Adrian Alessandro, Esteban Araya, Jimo & Bastian, Fernando Campollo, Klaus Ahlers, Billy Vargas and many more.

All activities will take place for 3 days in the heart of Guatemala City, during the day helding very interesting technical workshops and conversatories about History and the future of the electronic music movement in the region, and at night a proper tour around the best local clubs that will feature DJs live presentations to enjoy as always, on the dance floor. Everything is set up to happen from the 4th to the 7th of November, 2021. Find below full details.

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Find below the full programme:

Among the highlights of CIMA is Giuliano Lomonte, who is performing for the first time in Central America. Deeply in love with vinyl and strongly affected by mind-blowing melodies, Giuliano is passionate about playing full-length sets. His releases have seen the love of labels such as Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch, Sukhumvit Rec, Pressure Traxx among others. As a clubber in Europe he cultivated a love for electronic music, particularly his mixes showcases interesting deep and hypnotic rhythms… usually in Berlin you can find him regularly playing in clubs like Hoppetosse, Club der Visionaere, Wilde Renate and Watergate Club.

Don’t miss his presentation on friday, november 5 at CIMA’s -afterhours event.

Another presentation to have in mind is the one by Janeret, a fundamental piece in French record label, Yoyaku. He has already made a name for himself within Europe and continues to share his sounds from him, now in Central America.

Don’t miss his presentation on saturday, november 6 at CIMA’s -afterhours event.

Presenting Dj Masda can feel like a tedious task due to his long career and multiple contributions to music. For most of you and especially for fans of minimal-house we are almost certain that his name is familiar; after all, he has been a fundamental piece in the movement for more than two decades. This Japanese DJ residing in the techno capital of Berlin is the kingpin behind the respected Cabaret Recordings record label; he has made his name for his fine musical selection and his surgical blends with a read of the dance floor almost like a magician in action.

Don’t miss his presentation on Saturday, November 6 at CIMA’s -afterhours event. 

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