Vexillary presents his first full-length album, ‘Full Frontal Lunacy’.

After founding his own imprint cont:trace, Vexillary continues updating his catalogue of modern audiovisual releases, this time putting out his new conceptual ‘Full Frontal Lunacy‘ LP. This piece represents his first proper full-length album after a steady string of successful experimental EPs with very outstanding sounds. The album will be released in Digital, Cassette formats, and is due for October 31st, 2021. via con:trace. Full details below. 

What do you get when you mix a long winter with a pandemic of a lifetime and a bunch of synths lying around? The cabin fever stemming from an endless lockdown and the resulting mental demise? According to Vexillary, the perfect backdrop for a sonic self-portrait documenting one’s brush with madness.

Vexillary’s first proper full-length album after a steady string of EPs is the result of such experiment. Working around the clock often through long caffeine fueled sessi- ons, Vexillary took on a method actor’s approach to lock himself into the manic state needed to arrive at the intense sound suggested by the title of the record.

After the conceptual, SurViolence EP, Vexillary wanted to create a personal record as a form of therapy to examine the darkest parts of his own psyche. The resulting 8 tracks that shape the record document the demise of a protagonist from flirting with madness and burnout, all the way to the point of total nervous breakdown and mania.

The record features guest vocalists WARTERAUM (on ‘Scent of Torture’) and La Strange (on ‘The Descent’) in addition to Vexillary taking on different vocal duties to inject each track with a different personality and represent various layers of Vexillary’s demented mind.

But it’s not all doom and gloom as the record ends on a beautiful note in ‘Exit the Void’ to suggest a new beginning, or is it a celebration of a cruel end? You’ll have to listen to the full album to come to your own conclusion as there is way more than meets the mind in the twisted world of Full Frontal Lunacy.

Label: con:trace
Artist: Vexillary
Title: Full Frontal Lunacy
Format: LP
Release Formats: Digital, Cassette
Release Date Digital: October 31st, 2021
Cat. No. CTR003
Distribution: LANDR


  1. Scent of Torture ft. WARTWERAUM
  2. Burnt Leather (Scorched Mix)
  3. Full Frontal Lunacy
  4. Sanity Fades
  5. The Descent
  6. Maniac
  7. Absinthe Minded
  8. Exit the Void 

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