Fluxion – Parallel Moves

On Parallel Moves, Fluxion flows through various emotional states, and through blending of styles and expanding the borders of them, he manages to create variety listening to the album, something essential on an LP. But even with the variety the music bears the Fluxion sound aesthetic making it it an enjoyable listening experience, that requires more listens.


  1. Never In The Same Place
  2. Sol
  3. Parallel Moves
  4. Orange Sky
  5. You Are
  6. Correlation
  7. Spreads
  8. In Limbo
  9. The Pieces
  10. Passage
  11. Settling Dust
  12. Blue and Yellow
  13. Duet

Label: Vibrant Music
Artist: Fluxion
Title: Parallel Moves
Format: LP
Release Formats: 2xLP, CD, Digital
Release Date: October 15th, 2021
Cat. No. VMR016, VMR016CD, VMR016D
Distribution: What People Play, Subwax BCN
Domain: http://www.vibrantmusic.com

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