Rhys Fulber – Brutal Nature

Utilising a smaller home set-up rather than Rhys Fulber‘s usual preferred studio made for an engaged environment and the creation of a greater number of intimate compositions that worhts listen to. Stay tuned, because this album is a must in every avant-garde music selection.


1 Central State Institute 16 (6:28)
2 Chemical (5:38)
3 Marginalized (6:41)
4 Fragility (6:33)
5 Pyrrhic Act (9:08)
6 Pressure (5:58)
7 Night Render (7:15)
8 Rogue Minority (6:11)
9 Nature Reclaims (6:08)
10 Stare At The Sun (5:44)

Label: FR Recordings
Artist: Rhys Fulber
Title: Brutal Nature
Format: Album
Release Format: CD, Digital, Vinyl
Release Date CD, Digital: November 26th, 2021
Release Date Vinyl: in December 2021
Cat. No. FRLP01
Distribution: Ready Made
Domain: rhysfulber.bandcamp.com

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