Enyang Ha – 1997

This EP sees Enyang Ha collaborating with System Records by Julien Bracht. Having mastered some of the most innovative releases of this decade for Amnesia Scanner and Arca this EP is without a doubt the beginning of something that pushes the boundary of music beyond the current scope. A well traveled person from having lived in Japan, Korea and the USA as a teenager Enyang emigrated to Berlin in her twenties to tap into a new scene and sound unique to the city.  The EP “1997” contains three tracks that completes a full journey of sound.


1. 1997
2. Safe Nation
3. Kitten Play

Artist. Enyang Ha
Title. 1997
Cat #. SYS010
Format. 12″ vinyl / digital
Label. System Records
Release date. December 2nd, 2021

Pre order: soon at Bandcamp

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