Israel Vines debuts in Tresor with a 6-track EP, ‘Voices’.

Tresor is presenting a new digital release, this time by Israel Vines, that lands on the record label for the first time delivering a very interesting six-track EP titled ‘Voices‘.

This release comes following up on Vines’ series of 12″s and his debut Album on Interdimensional Tranmission’s Eye Teeth, and will be released on December 3, 2021 in loving memory of Detroit’s Greg Mudge (1974-2021) who is also the photographer of the cover image. As usual, this is another outstanding Tresor gem, showcasing brilliant electronic textures, broken kicks, halftime snares, outer-world synthetic tones and interlocking bass-heavy polyrhythms abound. Stay tuned, find everything you need to know below.

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Tresor welcomes Israel Vines to the family.

Bred in the 90’s U.S. Midwest party scene, Israel Vines has since carved out a singular space in the American underground as a DJ, remixer, and producer. In 2015, he joined forces with Detroit’s legendary Interdimensional Transmissions crew to showcase his post-techno excursions on their sublabel Eye Teeth, on which his debut album, “And Now We Know Nothing”, was released in 2020 following a string of highly rated 12″ EPs.

“Voices”, a six track EP delivered for Tresor, sees Vines approaching his finest form. Misty, breathtaking atmospheres and distorted vocals waft like murmuring ghosts across concrete floors, trailed by columns of light and beings from another realm. Broken kicks, halftime snares, outer-world synthetic tones and interlocking bass-heavy polyrhythms abound, combining to create a boundary-pushing take on the techno blueprint.

This is futurist energy commingled with raw, unrestrained spirit – honest, pure and intense.

This release is dedicated with love to the memory of Greg Mudge (1974-2021) – Community leader, restaurateur, inspiration, dear friend to many, and a pillar of the Detroit Techno scene for nearly three decades.

Photography by Greg Mudge, used with the kind permission of Liza Pulgini.

Artist. Israel Vines
Title. Voices
Label. Tresor
Release date. December 3, 2021
Format. Digital


  1. Breaking
  2. Culling
  3. Downing
  4. Keeping (Original feat. Camille Altay) 06:21
  5. Keeping (Extended feat. Camille Altay)
  6. Keeping (Extended Instrumental)


Written and Produced by Israel Vines in Los Angeles
Vocals and Vocal Arrangement on “Keeping” by Camille Altay
Additional Mixing and Mastering by Steve Bailey /
Executive Produced by Brendan M Gillen

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