Israel Vines – Voices

Voices‘, a six track EP delivered for Tresor, sees Vines approaching his finest form. Misty, breathtaking atmospheres and distorted vocals waft like murmuring ghosts across concrete floors, trailed by columns of light and beings from another realm. Broken kicks, halftime snares, outer-world synthetic tones and interlocking bass-heavy polyrhythms abound, combining to create a boundary-pushing take on the techno blueprint.


  1. Breaking
  2. Culling
  3. Downing
  4. Keeping (Original feat. Camille Altay) 06:21
  5. Keeping (Extended feat. Camille Altay)
  6. Keeping (Extended Instrumental)

Artist. Israel Vines
Title. Voices
Label. Tresor
Release date. December 3, 2021
Format. Digital

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