Raul Alvarez unveiled his EP ‘The Eye Of The Storm’ on Berlin’s elektrotribe.

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A recommended release for this month in Berlin’s record label Elektrotribe is the recent Raul Alvarez EP ‘The Eye Of The Storm‘. This record bringed out 5 original tracks delivering the most pleasant sounds in a intrigued atmosphere composed with Detroit inspired sonorities and hypnotic neverending rhythms. The EP was released the past June 11th, 2021. We highly recommend this release. Full details below.

Raul composed something special for the 15th anniversary of Elektrotribe. The full Ep is mixed in “360 degrees” (ambisonics 1st order) and encoded into a stereo/binaural .wav file using his custom arithmetic process. You can best enjoy the 360° sounds with headphones but also with normal stereo systems.
The release starts and closes with 2 sides of the same flipped coin: Symphony for Ethereal Dimensions (Intro) – Over The Shores of Ithaca (Outro) and features 3 original techno tracks:
The Eye of The Storm comes floating like a ghost after the intro, keep the intriguish atmosphere and combines it with an amazing broken groove. Old Memorandum & Broken Transmutation adds to this amazing release, detroit inspired sonorities & an hypnotic neverending track perfect for the morning hours.

Cover Artwork.


Label: Elektrotribe
Artist: Raul Alvarez
Title: The Eye Of The Storm
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: June 11th, 2021
Cat. No. EKT138
Distribution: Dig Dis

01. Symphony for Ethereal Dimensions (360 Mix)
02. The Eye of The Storm (360 Mix)
03. Old Memorandum (360 Mix)
04. Broken Transmutation (360 Mix)
05. Over The Shores of Ithaca (360 Mix)

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