Berlin’s duo Cab Drives land in Guatemala for a Retune Music showcase in beautiful Lake Atitlan.

It’s a positive thing seeing step by step how the scene is activating again. Retune Music make their presence, as usual, booking nothing but elegant artists bringing serious and “nutritious” musical proposals for the most demanding audiences and dancefloors.

This record label has been “shaping” electronic music in the Central America region for more than 13 years, releasing numerous records and showcasing outstanding artists. In Guatemala, with their concept ‘Melifluo‘, that have runned on track since approximately 3 years, they’ve hosted events with phenomenal artists such as Anthea, Jorge Savoretti, Javier Carballo, GUTI, Giammarco Orsini, Doubthingthomas (Live) and Wareika. After being in a lethargy and going through a lot of difficult moments, a ray of light is glimpsed at the end of Monday, and boy does it feel warm, and that is how it will be because Retune Music announced some activities that the public in Guatemala should definitely not lose.

For June 26, taking advantage of the long weekend that extends to Monday due to the holiday, definitely sounds like a good plan moving to the beautiful Lake Atitlan where this label presents the heads of Cabinet Records, lifelong Berliners with almost 30 years of career, we are talking about Cab Drivers.

Daniel Paul and Jens Augustowsky (Cab Drivers) have been releasing swinging, functional house records for two decades, they\’ve released dozens of 12-inches on their own Cabinet Records and its numerous sublabels, almost all of which showcase a DJ-friendly sound. Despite their busy release schedules, Paul and Augustowsky have kept a low profile for much of their careers, touring only occasionally while remaining active producers. Lean, stripped-back and loopy, their work together is built with a timeless blend of groove and splashes of melody. It\’s an effective combination that ensures Cab Drivers tracks are a sure-shot on the dance floor, making them a firm favourite of DJs around the world.

The event also features an exquisite musical menu for the opening act by locals Ricardo H, followed by Ale Granados, Mickey Franco and Ramon.

There are also other activities through the year; in September, November and December. Besides the Melifluo concept, Retune will host the very first edition of C.I.M.A (Cultura e innovación de música electronica Centroamericana) that includes daytime events and workshops with luxurious guests, including the name of the head of Raum… music and much more.

After that, in a day format, the Italian Giuliano Lomonte and one of the knights of the renowned and prestigious Romanian label A:RPIA:R will perform. This is to mention and give preamble to what is to come, this label has been creating this revolution in sound leveraged by its years of experience and we must be part of it.

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Link to the event: Melifluo c/ Cab Drivers @ Azul Rosa

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